Sad Yet OK

I was saddened and yet a little ok with the news that the new lady quit already. She was here one week, but I didn’t really get any break. She wasn’t strong enough to even help roll Al over. I did everything for Al. She just fed him. So you can see my disappointment in having no help and yet what help? So back to the drawing board.

I got my four hours today so I bought groceries and went to the antique store. I am having issues with still learning my camera so the photos are not perfect, so please bear with me. I bought Al a vintage truck. I found me a baby doll, a couple of Christmas old ornaments, and an old salt and pepper shaker set in piggies. Here they are.

DSC00082DSC00083DSC00088DSC00085victorian doll

23 thoughts on “Sad Yet OK

      • I understand the size thing, but as far as using it, it much easier than what you have to do now with him. You’d just have to role him on his side and put the thing under him and then role him to his other side and bring it out the other side. Hook the thing to the lift and go.But like you said if you don’t have room, it may not work. 😦


      • I really appreciate your idea because I think it is great. I have used those in my years of work but I barely have room for his wheelchair. When that is not in use it sits in the living room. Thank you so much for helping me though, I so appreciate it


    • yes, that is why I am ok on that part, she did very little. I was doing ok with my camera and then I did some adjustment and can’t get it back. It is a sony 3000 interchangable lens


  1. Sorry to hear about the new lady quitting. Hopefully – someone that will work out to help Al – will be available to help out soon.
    Hang in there.

    Glad you found a few nice things for you & Al while you were out & about. 🙂



  2. Hi Terry,
    Am sorry, and not, that your helper quit, you need a stronger helper I know…maybe she will explain to her bosses why she quit, what kind of help you actually need 🙂 That would be a big help if they could find you the appropriate help, yes? I love the stuff that you bought at the antique place today, I need to go shopping with you!!! Very cool stuff! Is your camera a digital? If so, the only thing that may be wrong is that you somehow took it out of auto focus, or the point of focus sensors shifted. It looks like what you actually have is a very shallow depth of field, what is the range on the new lens? I do photography some myself, so take a look and tell me what f-stop you have it on, is it on manual focus now, and the range of the lens 🙂 I most likely have made every ridiculous camera error there could possibly be in the world, lol! Hope you are getting some rest this evening and that things aren’t wonky for you tonight, thinking about you always, Terry….


    • I ended up taking a nap when Al did. Although he only got me up once last night, I seem to be always tired. I did what you suggested with my lens and it seemed to work. Things are in much better focus now. You are a big help my friend.


    • thanks my friend. Carol above taught me about my manual and auto focus. I think I am doing better now that I adjusted that. I hope that someone comes that truly is able to work with Al here at home


  3. You could do the feeding yourself, you ask for help!, not for someone to feed Al. Is there someone who comes instead, or do they leave you to your lot. I’m sorry, Terry, but I hope you get someone who really helps you out with Al. Btw I like the photos and the ornaments, they are fine 🙂


    • No one comes here. Am hoping another person will want to help us out. Thanks for understanding. Maybe you could get the fire let under someone and get them here!!!!! I so wish!


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