Daily Prompt; Fright Night

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What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FRIGHTENING.

With using my mind and not my subconcience I am admitting I am afraid of a few things in life.

1. Darkness, I hate being in the dark. Walking outside in the dark. The unknown of the dark. Who is lurking around out doors at night? My imagination can run wild. I prefer to stay inside once I can’t see light anymore. I prefer to not have to get out of bed once I turn the lights out.grey trees

2. Heights, I hate heights. Anytime I stand on a chair or a ladder, my legs turn to jello. My feet become cemented to the surface. My whole body becomes a dance of wiggles and shakes. I guess the fear is of falling. What else could it be?ladder

3 and lastly, spiders. Anything that crawls that has two or more legs, is shorter than me and quicker than me sends shivers down my spine. Forces me to race for the broom, mop, fly swatter, anything I can defend myself with.

I figure I am afraid of it getting me. Will it bite me and hurt me? Will its sting be fatal? What a baby I am. Something so tiny compared to my height and yet I go running for the hills.

cookie, spiderChatteringTeethspiders_4aFrogsgreen bug 3ratscared_facescared womanspider

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Fright Night

  1. I hate spiders and anything creepy crawly as well. I once had a spider in my ear when I was a kid, the memory is still with me. ICK!

    I am also afraid of snakes and the like as well, scared they will kill me.

    But then there are the emotional/mental things within my own mind that scare me as well….fear of failure (especially failing my son), fear of hurting those I love, fear of standing still and not moving forward….

    Fears can be paralyzing….tricky to deal with and to overcome…..


    • I agree. Reading your comment makes me think of the one emotional fear I have had for years. As you stated fear of letting others down. I say yes too many times just to get approval when I really want to say no


      • I have been there too! I have been scolded plenty over the years for not standing firm, for giving in too easily. I have been the doormat one too many times. I just hate saying the word no, wonder if that stems down from being told no so often myself? I have been getting a lot better with it, but I admit I do have setbacks now and then.


  2. Mice, rats, birds (that they will come peck at me – poke me in the eye), going up in flames (happened once), drowning (I can’t swim), creepy people…the list goes on.


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