Little Black Dress

black dressOf course I have the TV on almost 24/7. I have to or else listen to the silence. I also switch between the boob tube and the Christmas music.

The commercial for the Little Black Dress for shopping at Goodwill stores always makes me laugh inside. Why you ask? What is wrong with that dress you ask?

Nothing for the right kind of person. Can you picture me wearing my little black dress changing Al‘s brief?black dress 2black dress 3 What about cleaning the bathroom in my little black dress.

I just think at this time the elegant, sexy, slimming black dress isn’t for me. Some day it may be but not right now. I would feel much more comfy doing the work I do now in my comfy clothes.maxine 2

Hey, if you love me in my comfy clothes, then you will really love me in m Little Black Dress.

15 thoughts on “Little Black Dress

  1. My husband fusses at me all the time because he wants me to dress up more. My sensible 43 year old mind wants to wear comfortable shoes. I like my little black dress. It just would be better if I could wear it with my Sketchers.


  2. Terry I love you whatever you wear….little black dress, warm socks, apron, or plain a housecoat. I am wearing a “sheep” right now…. hehe found it at Primark, a cheap shop, it is a really long top (to the knees) super dooper warm fleecy material, and it had a hood with a sheep face on it. It is fantastic for cold evenings like now, and it is so comfy. I get more cuddles from my son in it too,as it is soooo soft. I call it my sheep…. baaaah


    • Oh how I love what you are wearing!!!! I love over sized long flannel type shirts. Roomy, worn with undies and slippers. My favorite type of dress. I never was a dress-up kind of gal!!!! In the summer I wear as little as possible without making people ill. LOL an in the winter give me warm cuddly baggy clothes, I love comfort


    • I have worn dresses, like skirts better, but like pants, sweatshirts, comfy clothes, I don’t like the way jeans fit me, too much of a pudgy gut and short trunk, I wear a lot of skinny pants, cuz I have small legs with a bigger gut, yuck. I have a bad shape body because of a prior surgery


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