Update on Al

Al is doing pretty good on being home five out of seven days now. I think he likes not being tossed around on the bus and isn’t quite as tired. Although if he had his way he would go to Day Program five days per week.

His crying has leveled off quite a bit. The doctor took him off one of the medications and I think that was the culprit that made his tears so much worse. His appetite has been big lately. I guess he makes up for the days he doesn’t eat.

He got a Christmas card from a lady who also is in the M.S.A group. He really likes it and holds it quite a bit as it sparkles when you turn it in different directions. If anyone wants to send him a Christmas card, please email me at   tellmenolies2004@yahoo.com   for his address.

Although we have had our tree up for sometime Al has begun his ritual of now not being able to talk about Christmas. He doesn’t speak about Christmas that he and I share. His memories go back to when he lived at home and Mom and Dad were still here.

I heard him telling someone that he hated the holidays and yet he likes the Christmas tree lit up and the white lights in his bedroom. So I guess the point is he misses our parents so much and he longs for Christmas to be the way it used to. Deep down inside, so do I. I just don’t talk about it.

He has been complaining of burning feet the past two days. I have researched it and find that many M.S.A. patients have this issue. It is sort of like Neuropathy I think, caused from the disease. I give him pain medications but like his other symptoms the medication takes the edge off but doesn’t fix it enough.

Al and I had an interview with a young lady today who wants to work the weekends. Al started talking to her almost immediately. Filling her in on his coca cola and cars. She jumped right in and helped turn him and was dabbing his slobber.

I have to admit I was really impressed. She is strong too. She had no problem rolling him over. She said she wanted the job so I am hoping she will or can start this weekend. She will mostly be with him but I spoke to her about dusting his room and feeding him. Cleaning up the dishes. I think it is fair, don’t you?

I told her there would be no medications to give as I do that. I explained that her major job would be making him feel special, she agreed.

So, it looks like we may have help again. Her words when she was walking out our front door were, ” You both are stuck with me.” I smiled and hoped that this would be a true statement.Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg44candy canes


32 thoughts on “Update on Al

  1. Thank you for the update on him. I have his card written out and will post it tomorrow. I am hoping it will be there within the week.

    I’m glad the tears have lessened and that he is eating a bit more.


  2. So glad you are getting some help, she sounds like a keeper. Bob has the burning feet also, especially at night. He has me put on the socks he got from the hospital and that seems to do the trick. He also feels like he is burning when he gets water on him so I always have to dry him quickly. He gets real excited if I accidentally drop water on him., even tiny droplets from a washcloth as it passes on it’s way to wash his hands, It is certainly all about the nerve endings responding to certain things. Hugs to you and hope you have a lovely and special Christmas, It doesn’t have to look like our memories, may God bless you with a precious holiday as we celebrate the very best gift of all. Hope that didn’t sound too preachy, I’m not sure how to express. Bob and I could not have children and there have been years where it was just the two of us in reduced circumstances, with no family and it was easy to have it look just like any other day. So I wish and pray for you that God will provide a Christmas that while it may not look like what we think it should, you will be filled with His Peace and Joy and that in it’s own way will be a precious memory all on it’s own.- Susan


    • you express very well my friend. If it were not for God I don’t think Al and I would have gotten this far. It certainly sounds nerve damage for sure with the feet and the water issues. I know it is lonely without Mom and Dad but I do my best, and I only hope Al finds some joy in this holdiay. Bless you my friend for chatting with me


  3. I’ve posted a card Terry. I looked for the most ‘Downunder Christmas’ type card I could. It may take a few weeks to get there though.
    Glad you’ve found some help for the weekends.


  4. That sounds promising, but don’t expect too much so you won’t get disappointed. She does sound right though. I really pray that she is the one and Al enjoys being with her and is happy for her help. You need one like that! Terry it would be a blessing!


  5. This help will give you some relief my friend. Christmas time may be easier for you and Al…and somewher in his mind, he muste be having wondrful memoreis of Christmasat home with his parents. But to think of it hurts too much, so he doesn’t talk about it. Take car Terry, and be well.


  6. Oh Terry – My hearts smiles & hurts both at the same time for Al.
    I hope you do have someone helping soon. I & hope all works out well this time around.
    Something tells me that instant connection is it!

    So happy that Al got his first Christmas card. That is AWESOME!

    {Hugs} to you & Al


  7. I’m so happy to hear of a good possibility for help. I hope she works out better than expected. It’s good to hear, too, that Al has been eating better. I will be sending him a card. I will get one when I do my grocery shopping.


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