#FWF Free Write Friday; Gratitude


Memories of yesterdays

Wishing I could go back

Laughter and chatter

Kids racing outside

Daddy’s snoring

Mommy’s gossip

My head laying peacefully

In Grandma’s lap

Belly full yet more dessert

Today I didn’t hear no

Oh what I wouldn’t give

To see Grandma sitting right there

In her comfy recliner

Daddy laying on the couch

Aunts doing dishes

A table full of food

Candles lit in the middle

All holding hands saying grace

Tears come to my eyes

As I go back in time

And remember those days

Of freedom and loving

Now many years later

I have my own children

Forming new memories

But I can’t help but to mingle

Intertwine the old with the new

A complete life of me and my family.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


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9 thoughts on “#FWF Free Write Friday; Gratitude

  1. It is easy at this time of year to go back in our minds to the reverie of holidays from our past. How very different it is now, isn’t it? I remain forever grateful to those times and traditions and the newer ones we are creating as the years go on.


    • I find it very sad that people don’t put the word family as a priority. It isn’t right that family isn’t together at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Something always more important. Family is the glue. Without the glue, you have pieces of dried flakes, easy to crush, easy to see it disappear. I am very thankful for my memories and the era I grew up in


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    • the holidays are gruesome for my brother and me also. One to two out of three kids come. Makes a lonely day. Some years Al and I spend Christmas all alone and this is the absolute worst. When things change in our home I am out of here. Out of the snow. Hopefully down towards my daughter’s in KY or at least go for a few weeks in the winter. Memories are even harder because I remember them so well compared to now. Here is a hug for you my dear friend. I know how you feel


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