Are You Wondering?


I bet you have wondered the helper and Al and I got along today. Well, it was freaking fantastic! She jumped right in. She has a great personality. Al and her got a long very well. She changed him. She helped with every thing I taught her today. She fed him breakfast and lunch. She changed his brief.

I actually cleaned the house with barely any interruptions. I did lay down but couldn’t sleep. I did watch Christmas Bride on the Hallmark movie station. I have no new aches.

Best thing that has happened in our lives in weeks. Help, someone to talk to Al, a loving soul who took her time and  showed Al she cared and all this on the first day. The next best thing is she is coming back tomorrow. I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed.crossed fingers

22 thoughts on “Are You Wondering?

  1. So glad you have the help. How often does she come, how long does she stay and what can she do? Through what service did you get her? Hopsice? Even though I am getting a break a couple of hours a week I am still doing the “Heavy” stuff. Hopefully I’ll be able to teach some of the men who are coming so I can get a break from that too.


    • she is through a health care agency that medicaid pays for. I know she is working Saturday and Sundays 8 hours each day, and I think one day through the week but I don’t know which and how many hours yet on that. I do all the heavy work too. Have been for six years. Now that he is more bed bound my diabetic neuropathy in my fingers is starting to hurt a lot due to tugging and pulling to roll him over. I am so very thankful for her help and I hope it last. Hugs Susan


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