Sunday afternoon

Lazy day

Laying watching football

Eating snacks

Kids playing, arguing

Taking naps

Time ticking in mom’s mind

Recipe go overs

List of groceries needed

Stress starting to come

Hurry bustle hustle

Things to do

Places to go

Foods to make

The one time of year

Family from all over

Together laughing

Talking catching up

Eating cleaning up

Game playing

Babies napping

Talk of Christmas coming

Oh no she sighs

I have to do this all over again

In less than a month.

But another chance

To get together

With family and

Give thanks for

All that we share.





29 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Lovely “poem” – great video. We have a lot to be thankful over, even the bits that maybe isn’t so fun.
    Had a very lazy Sunday too … here only a few yards from the ocean on Scottish west coast … helping my friends with their curtains for the dinning room at their hotel, where I’m staying.
    Had a great trip so far. Only a couple of days in Dublin left.


  2. Your poem sums up these days nicely.

    Lazy Sunday indeed – I woke up a couple of hours before lunch time. I did get a lot done though & the girls & hubby helped out too – which is always nice.
    I was doing well this weekend until I was hit by a migraine this evening – UGH!
    Anywho – thanks to modern medicine – the pain is gone by now. I’m just sleepy & trying to keep myself awake so that I don’t wake up at 2-3 am.

    Nice video. I’ve seen it before & enjoyed it again. Thanks 🙂


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