A Breath of Fresh Air

peaceA breath of fresh air. This is what I feel like I have had these past days Al and I have had a helper.

She is wonderful. So helpful, loving and patient. She does everything for Al. I tell you I think she is spoiling him. At any time she hears him, she is right there.

I can understand why the other girl didn’t work out. There was a better choice. A perfect fit. I am getting rested. My hands are beginning to heal. I have actually felt a little lazy because I am not running back and forth doing this and that at the same time. I even laid down and rested this afternoon.

Yes, I know I am not doing as much but I still get tired. I am getting older and I am still tired from all these years of care giving alone, so I may need to rest in the afternoons for a while. LOL

I just wanted to let you know that so far this girl is amazing. I could ask for no one better.

35 thoughts on “A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. Such a blessing to have a helper you trust and who is really helping and who you are happy with. I could not do this without my hubbys caregiver and family who do step in.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


    • Thanks Len. She is just an angel, too good to be true. I pray it last for a long time. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I know God will provide a beautiful table at your home


  2. Any chance your helped has a clone/sister living here close to me?
    I am so happy for you…having that kind of help must be like Heaven!
    Enjoy it all, you have earned it after all these years.


    • My friend if I knew of another person that could be there for you, I would send her in a flash of an eye. I have waited since June for a helper. God helped when I was in pain with my neuropathy and it was getting very hard to turn him. I will pray someone comes to help you too. What state do you live in?


      • We live in Washington state just north of Vancouver, WA and south of our famous volcano, Mt. St. Helens. Bless you Terry. I just have to be patience and my prayers will be answered. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
        P.S. Did you know Wolfsong Young is my nephew?


      • No, I didn’t realize that. I love his posts and he is a wonderful friend to me. I had to wait six months to get help, so I know you will get the help you need also


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