Worse Night Yet For Al

Yesterday was awful, last night was terrible. Al got worse as the day wore on. By last night he was screaming he was on fire. Tears never stopped and I could not seem to bring the pain down.

I ended up calling Hospice around 11pm. At 1am a nurse showed up. She could see his pain and she called the doctor on call. I had never dealt with this doctor and I swear if I ever see her face to face I will have my way with her through words.

She ordered the nurse to give Al double one of his strong pain medications. In less than half an hour Al went nuts. He was screaming and crying. He swore his body was going to burn up. He began to hit himself wildly.

I couldn’t take it. I made her call that doctor back.  The doctor then ordered twice the amount of that pain medication. I said absolutely not,  hell no, no way. Find another doctor. Well there was no other doctor.

She reported that I would not do as requested so the doctor ordered him to take an extra pill that he usually takes. It is a calming pill. It seemed to work and he fell asleep. He slept for half an hour then was wide a wake, like wired.

The nurse called another nurse and she went home leaving me to wait here with Al for another hour. By now it was after 4am. The new nurse couldn’t seem to do anything with Al. His heart was racing at 282 beats per minute.

It was obvious to me that Al’s burning body was due to the heart going wacky from internal tremors inside the chest wall lining. When the nurse could do no  more she called that same doctor back.

The doctor ordered him into the Hospice House. The ambulance came and got him and left at 6am.

I went to sleep with tears streaming and slept for four hours. Now it is time to start final preparations for Thanksgiving dinner. All I can say today is I miss Al so much. I am dead tired, but I am thankful he is still alive on Thanksgiving Day. He may not be here physically with me but he is in my thoughts constantly.Al and Rhino, Nov 1

48 thoughts on “Worse Night Yet For Al

  1. 😦
    So sad for Al – & for you too. I too am thankful that he is still alive. I hope they have been able to help his pain now that he’s at the hospice house. Hang in there Terry.
    {Hugs} to you & Al


  2. I think you should see if he is allergic to that medication Terry that is not a reaction anyone should have after being administered. With all that I hope you can have a good day with your family, just the hubs and I today no family as this day is very hard for me; thanksgiving is the last holiday spent with my daughter before she was killed.


    • From what i understood he was becoming toxic to that medication, so they changed him to another one in the same family, but i think, in my opinion, the side effects are worse


  3. That sounds so horrible. But you hug in there & got him some help, even though you had to fight for it. Hopefully he is better now. My God give you the strength for today.



    • It is very hard watching my brother turn into someone I don’t know. The anguish of his pain, the tears, the contractions of his body over whelm me with my own emotional pain. He was a bit better last night. They changed one rotten drug to another rotten drug in the same family of medications with terrible side effects


    • the whole idea with Hospice is comfort, bit I think there is some truth in what you say. It was the night before a holiday and I had already called them twice for the same thing, one of them being after midnight. I think you are exactly right but I will not allow them to kill him legally with drugs


  4. I just read this, after I sent you a message,,, i’m so sorry , bless him and you,,,, saying some extra Prayers for you both today♡


  5. I am so sorry, Terry, for the night Al had. I am sorry for the way it hurts you to see him going through these things, and to have so few options available to you to help him during the most difficult of times. I am glad you found something to rejoice about, and I pray that joy sustains you. I pray for Al’s comfort and peace, as well as yours. Be blessed!


  6. I too suffer the pain of MSA Al is lucky to have such a caring caregiver as you keep it up he appreciates it I’m sure… stay strong for him its so needed care givers are all angels in my books……

    steven MSA since 2008


  7. While I know you miss Al terribly the doctors have to find out what exactly is causing the problem and how to help him….. he need to be close at hand for them to see exactly what’s going on…. take care…. I will say a prayer of course… Diane


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  9. So sorry to read about the hard times Al and you have to go through together. So upset that he has suffer so much for being alive. Life isn’t fair. Hope he are doing better now – he are a true fighter. A big hug to you both and you are both in my thoughts. I wish I could ease things for you both.


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  11. Please put me on your mailing list. My mother at 80 has just been diagnosed. I know we don’t have a lot of time left. This thing called MSA sucks. Taking our loved ones away in such a harsh manner.
    Mary Ellen McCarthy


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