A Good Laugh Was Needed Today

Today I escaped the house for an hour. I had to go to the Pharmacy and pick up a new medication for Al. Lyrica, the doctor is hoping it will help his pain while his body contracts into a smaller body.

I went by my old elementary school on my way home. I don’t know why I revisit places like this. Maybe I am yearning for my free youth. Maybe I enjoy the memories. I stopped in front of the school and had a chuckle.

It was recess time. Remember those recess times? Freedom from studying, being quiet and listening to the teacher talk on and on and on? A time to forget the world and frolic and play.

I can remember catching grasshoppers in the back yard of the school. I remember playing tether ball. I really liked that game. A ball on a rope and a single pole. Playing it with another student trying my best to get it to go around past until I scored a win.

Playing chalk hop scotch and jump rope. Even as I sit here writing I look at my life now and back then and I would have never dreamed that it was going to play out like it is. Here I am caring for my brother. I have done a lot with my life and yet nothing that anyone will remember.

I sat in my car just smiling and then it dawned on me the weather. It has been very warm for December here lately but that all changed this afternoon. Now we are in the thirties and we are going to only be in the high of twenties for a few days.

But when I was at the school it was still forty something outside. I watched the kids as they ran and played and part of me envied their free spirit. The innocence of a child not having to worry about sick people, or bills or how they are going to eat.

Then I looked down at myself. I laughed out loud. I had a sweatshirt and sweatpants on. The heater was on in the car. All my windows were rolled up. The oldies station was being heard on the radio.

As I enjoyed watching these young people I saw that their clothing was quite different from mine. Some had shorts on and sweatshirts. Others had jeans and jackets wrapped around their waist. Some had jackets that were unzipped and flying in the breeze.

I laughed so hard when I realized I was or am becoming my parents and grandparents. I used to laugh at my family because in the fall I was wearing my shorts and Mom was saying she was so cold.

Where does the time go and how does it slide so quickly without us realizing it? In my mind I am still young. There are more and more days that my body reminds me that on my birthday I will be that big scary number 60.

I watched them for a bit longer and then started the car. I turned my fifties music up. It was Elvis Presley singing Rubberneckin.  I had revisited my youth, picked up medications for a very ill brother, and noticed time had been ticking all these years. I was definitely becoming my Mother.



16 thoughts on “A Good Laugh Was Needed Today

  1. Great memories Terry, I too remember tetherball and jump rope oh and jacks, I beat everyone to become champ at Morton Elementary! LOL I a glad the drs are trying something new for Al to help his pain, they gave me Lyrica for my Fibromyalgia pain but I was allergic..nasty stuff for me but I sure hope it helps Al. It is very cold here in Kansas City Kansas it is 18 degrees with a windchill of negative 4, I am freezing!!! hugs dear one


    • Before Al got this ill I would have passed that scene by but now I make a great effort daily to find something to be thankful for. God is teaching me new things through Al’s illness


  2. Beautiful memories…we are all on our way somewhere and to some extent we become this collage that is our parents, family members, and those that changed us just a little when we were together on the road and in a hurry to get to our destination.


    • you are so right. WE are a little of everyone, molded from the best, rearranged just a smidgeon, touched up at the corners, and we turn out exactly as God planned. Hugs my friend


  3. Nice your memories and that it made you laugh, you needed it. Now with age…a s they say to me it is just a number we are only as old as we feel. Well in our mind we will always feel younger. Even my 87 year old mum says she still feels like 60, there you go.
    So stay in the feel young club with me and we can have some sillyness together…. like kids! hehe


  4. how wonderful to have those great memories. i am glad you had the opportunity to take that trip back in time. i have found myself over the years asking how i could sound like the person i made fun of and swore i would never be anything like. we all grow up though and that is what they did. i think it is really nice that you have that point to go back to. some of us don’t have that.


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