Ray of Sun Among the Clouds

Life is still running here at home. Last night wasn’t that fun for Al and it certainly rubbed off on me making me sad also. Al had a visitor and he cried and spoke about death the entire time. Before long I was crying like a big baby.

I swear in my heart which I may be protecting myself or I really don’t know but these changes in Al are due to the medicine changes and not his illness. But who knows, only God.

He slept about four hours and then was awake on and off the rest of the night. His one leg is contracted now so that it lays on its side, and then both knees are hugging each other. I imagine it has to hurt. I have noticed that his whole body is just sort of shriveling? I don’t know if that is the correct word but this contraction thing is for the birds.

He is starting on a new medication today to try to help the bones while the contraction is going on. It, of course is going to make him drowsy and may affect his vision, the paper work says.

Just what we don’t need. He is already suffering from blurry vision and is zoning in and out most of the time. I worry about tomorrow as he goes to Day Program how he will get through it. I will be asking him if he really feels like going.

Today Al received some more Christmas Cards. One of them is musical and lights up. Two of the other cards are made by children, which these cards are so adorable. One card is for me.

So I want to thank,

Rosy S,

Alex S.

Victoria S.

and Cheryl W.

Thank-you all. Al holds his cards like they are precious cargo. You are all so kind to him and me. Big hugs


christmas tree3

6 thoughts on “Ray of Sun Among the Clouds

  1. Terry dear, how are you? REALLY ?
    Contraction is a natural process of this disease; don’t get scared, and it really doesn’t hurt a great deal. Don’t force to answer Why this or that because it’s unnecessary ~trust me, the Lord is right next to his son Al, and you as are both your parents. Caln your fears dear, there are higher purposes than we comprehend. You’re always in my prayers dear sister ~Debbie xx


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