Those Three Little Words

Last night was like any other night with Al. He slept a couple of hours and then he was up. I think last night I was up four times with him. Yes, I am tired today. I am looking forward to bedtime again.

With his body not listening to him he may want to be turned, or wet, or a drink of water. I just never know what it will be. Each time I woke up from just getting back to sleep my body rose a little slower.

On the third time Al was a little chatty. Most of the time I can’t understand him, but this time was different. His voice was louder and his words were clear.

I was repositioning him and when I finished I was pulling the covers back up and over him when he said those three little words I have never heard my brother say to me.

He said I love you.

In fact, he said, ” I’m sorry sis I am such a pain in the ass, but I love you.”

Wow, I came back with, ” What did you say?” He repeated it again and I just smiled at him and told him that was the best Christmas present I could have ever asked for. I beamed from ear to ear.

He went back to sleep. I sort of bounced and slid on cloud nine back to my bed. It took a few minutes for me to go back to sleep because I was savoring those words and burning them in my memory.

What a great moment God gave me. I know God has always known that it bothered me that Al never even said he liked me, let alone he loved me. So although I am dead tired, my heart is wide awake.I-Love-You-Wallpapers-5