22 thoughts on “Al’s Guard Cat and Him Looking at Cards

    • when he goes to day program I keep him in his wheelchair for supper since he is already in it. I think it does him good although he wants back in bed. I look at it as half an hour more won’t hurt?


  1. reading and seeing the pictures of all the cards being sent to Al confirms my feeling that God sends His servants out into the world. In my own grief this Christmas season my heart is filled with the love of God here on earth – You and Al are blessed with many good people watching over you during this time. It is true that one good deed blesses many! Hugs to you and Al. May you both continue to feel our Lords Presence in your lives.


      • I was rereading your comment and I still don’t have that perfect answer to you going through an emotional Christmas. For me, it is the loss of my dad that I suffer through each year. Every Christmas he would spend two dollars on a two liter coke bottle and a giant chocolate bar. He didn’t wrap it. He brought it out after all the gifts had been opened with the biggest grin on his face. Of all the years in my life I will always remember the two dollar gift and his big smile. I wish I could see it one more time


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