Blog of the Year, 2013

Yuna has nominated me for the Blog of the Year, 2013.Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpeg Yuna hasn’t been blogging a real long time but each post she writes, I look forward to reading.

Here is a tidbit about this nice young lady.

Hi world!!! Yuna is here, i was born at 1985. Indonesian. Female. Until now I am working at Coal Mining Company, one time as Geologist and now as Coal Quality control Engineer. Single.

I have no idea what this blog will be,Β  i just want to write about everything, me, things that i love, things that attract me, anything that out from this scattered mind of mine. it seriously will be random thing because I’m neither an author, a novelist, a poet, nor even someone who has won any award about writing, but just an ordinary geology technical graduated woman who bid my life at coal mining area. I’m just trying to share and hope someone with same interest will share their too and we can share happiness.

I would like to nominate a few myself. It is so much fun to give, don’t you think?





Thank-you again dear Yuna

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