Christmas, 2013

I didn’t really think that Al would be here today. For Christmas and yesterday he was very quiet, refusing to eat. All signs pointed to he was leaving for heaven.  I was actually counting down the hours mentally. I was emotionally crying.

What held me together was my children. Without realizing, them being here Christmas Day and the day after saved my sanity. He is here today, and has been very chatty. He is confused. I showed him his favorite photos of family members and he didn’t recognize any of them.

He has held his cars today and has not taken a nap all day.

We got some more Christmas Cards and I wanted to thank them for helping Al’s Christmas.

Lezlie S. from Indiana,thank-you for the adorable hand-made card. I love it!

Teresa F. from N.C. thank-you from the two of us.

Julie G. from Australia, thank-you very much. The card is adorable.

Lise and Louis A. from Ontario. Thank-you for the two cards and the nice letter.

Tobi B. from California, bless you for the awesome card.

From Fischer, MN, I want to thank-you for sending Al a card. Unfortunately, there was no card inside. I don’t know what happened to it, but thank-you for thinking of Al.

Here are some photos of grandchildren and my children and family.


46 thoughts on “Christmas, 2013

    • No, I am sorry, Al did not receive a card from you. Each time cards were received, I posted thank yous. I don’t remember yours. It is alright though Lana. Your heart and thought is what counts with Al and me.


  1. I’m glad that your family were there to keep you sane this year. I look for your post every morning when I get up to see if there has been any change with him.

    Those are great photos, and Al has lost so much weight.


  2. God bless you Terry for being an excellent caregiver and loving sister to Al, may God guide you through this difficult time and show Al peace. Leona (friend of Bonnie’s-Ontario Canada)


  3. God bless you Terry. I’m so glad your family was there for you on Christmas. There’s nothing like having your children and your grandchildren there to love you and comfort you, and I’m so thankful that Al is still with you, so that Christmas will bring you no sad memories in the future. Much love to you, and continued prayer too.



    • He wore that hat for some time. He loved it so much he burst out into tears. You always know exactly what will make him smile. Although there were no smiles when he saw your heart, the tears said it all. Thank you so much for being so good to him. Hugs. I also loved what you gifted me. It makes carrying things so much lighter. Just the essentials is like carrying only what I need. Save the purse for other times. Hugs from Al and me both! Hope you had a great Christmas!


  4. Terry, tough time for everybody with Al is such condition, but you manage to make Christmas special for everyone and yourself – lovely warm and joyful photos. So happy for you that you got a great Christmas. Also glad that you have received so many Christmas card … from all over the world. Amazing how small suddenly the world becomes.


    • yes, I was amazed at the many, many card Al received. I even had some addressed to me. There were gifts too such as Al’s new coca cola hat. An amazing small world through the love of people


      • I can understand that the cards give you comfort and strength in all this – people are truly kind and caring .. in this online world – and shows that neither you or Al are not alone. Wonderful friends you have.


  5. so glad that you had another christmas together. there have been many times in the past year that chris and i felt our time was coming to an end, then out of nowhere i am better. all we can do is treasure each day. i know you do that and it can be so difficult when you are trying to prepare for the worst to remain optimistic. you are such a great sister and you have done all you can to make al’s life the best for him. hope you have some help again soon.


    • Today was another day I wondered if Al would be here. This is the third time he has acted like he was leaving. It is nerve wracking. I find myself listening, watching, and then I tell myself to stop it! But it is hard. I do have some day time help now. I really needed it


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