Teens Who Harm Others

When I was a teen I did the teen things. I wasn’t a terrible brat but still, I was a teen. I remember drinking my first taste of wine standing in an alley with my best friend while trick-or treating. Yes, I still did the get the treat things in my teens. I really didn’t go to the door, instead I was a teen stepping out of my guide lines set by my parents.bottle

When I was old enough to drive I would put on a Halloween mask and drive  up and down the streets in our city. I thought it was so much fun getting the looks from older drivers.

I once went to Fort Wayne with some friends. I wasn’t ever to go out-of-town and I was also to tell my parents where I was going. When we do something we know is wrong it always comes back to bite us in the ass, and it did.

I was at the busy intersection at a stop light and it was dark. The laughter from inside the car immediately stopped when all of a sudden steam came barging out from under the hood of the car. I had broken a hose.

I immediately froze and became serious as I was trying to figure out a kind way to call my parents and tell them what happened and where I was. Luck was on my side as one of the guys knew enough about cars to temporarily fix it until I got back home.

So I did the teen thing but never anything bad. So you can imagine how angry I was at the local news on TV tonight when a family who loved to over-decorate outdoors for Christmas. When they woke up this morning they were so sad when they discovered that teens had ripped apart so many of those expensive decorations.

Stomping on lights, smashing Santa and Frosty the Snowman. Tearing lights out of the trees and busting them. What a very expensive teen episode that was. I felt so bad for that family.

They enjoyed having people drive by and being entertained by their hundreds of lights only to have them blown out by teen pranks. I don’t get it. What was the ending goal that was on the positive side?

Why weren’t those teens home going to bed so they could get up and go to work? I was an ornery teen but I also knew if I did something this horrendous, my parents would punish me so badly it would be weeks before I was let out of the house.

I won’t try to place blame here on anyone. I will just say that the word respect for other people has been tossed out the window in the past few years. What a sad situation this was.

Here is a similar video of what that house looked like that got torn apart.

24 thoughts on “Teens Who Harm Others

  1. How sad. Part of me also feels bad for those teenagers. I am sure that not all of them wanted to do that. Peer pressure is a difficult things. Plus, what kind of inner turmoil might someone be dealing with to commit such an act? Maybe I am just making excuses because I want to believe the best in others. I sincerely hope that those teenagers realize the cruelty of their actions, deal with their troubles in a constructive way, and make it up to the family that they hurt.


    • A lot of it depends on how they were raised, I think, as to whether they feel any remorse. So many fragile families, too many children not getting the right kind of love and attention. I feel bad for them in many ways, but on the other hand, what they did is wrong and you do have to pay the time for the crime


  2. Teens will be teens. But – doing something with bad intentions, to hurt, herm or damage is beyond teens just being teens. People work hard for the things that they get. And – in this case – their money was used to make others happy in the spirit of the holidays. What a terrible thing for those teens to do.


  3. We have a crescent here where most of the homes are decorated and it is like a fairyland every Christmas. Actually this is the first year in a long time that I haven’t gone to view it. Several years ago many of the displays were vandalized and it was really sad too. But the following year everything was back in place. In fact, it was even nicer. I haven’t heard of any further incidents and I’m so glad. It would be good to know that those who do such things do have a conscience and feel some kind of repentance after, but I don’t think some have a conscience at all. These kids need to do some volunteer work, something constructive, and then they wouldn’t have so much time on their hands.


  4. Actually the parents might not even know where or what the teens were up to … when they did this. Unfortunately its way too easy to dupe parents who aren’t careful or don’t have the time or the energy to deal with teenagers with everything else that goes on in their lives. Not trying to excuse either the teens or the parents… but makes me wonder what creates human beings so empty of empathy that they can trash something so beautiful.


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