Fly To The Angels

Little confused

Little weepy

Minutes turn to hours

Hours turn to days

Days turn to weeks

Nothing has changed

Yet all is different

Life is still living

Yet life feels so dead

Thoughts from the past

Are stuck in the head

Nothing I can do

No matter how I try

It’s all up to you

Whether you laugh or you cry

Life has a purpose

But I don’t know what it is

Lying here in bed

Time ticks by slowly

A dying man’s thoughts

Carry him to the end of time

Just waiting for a signal

A time for the change

A time to decide

Whether to cling or fly

Oh winter please hurry

And turn into Spring

Make me whole once again

Let me fly with the angels

And hear them sing.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd






21 thoughts on “Fly To The Angels

  1. Friend of my heart, your pain has been mine, you’ve no idea how much you two have been ticking in my heart, mind and countless prayers ~ I’m sorry I can’t be beside you both. I love you deeply … everything will soon be sweetly culminated. I miss you. Faithfully Debbie


    • Hi Debbie, I have not seen you anywhere since before Christmas. A part of me was so afraid, but thankfully, here you are. Did you have a nice Christmas my friend? It is nice to know that we are in your hearts as you are in mine


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