Ten Minutes to Midnite and Al had a Visitor

I am not writing this to put anyone in a sad mode nor for any other reason than I have been alone with Al since before supper last night and I am just beat. This is one of those posts that is for me to just get it out in the open instead of reliving it.

Last night wasn’t that bad. Things didn’t begin to get worse until 11:50pm. Yes, ten minutes before the new year kicked in. I was sort of listening to the New Year’s Eve program and Al was watching Dave Letterman.

All of a sudden Al calls me in his room in the loudest voice I have heard out of him in some time. I went in and he said, ” Look, we have a visitor.” I looked around but I didn’t see anyone.

He went on with, ” Right here, beside me. Look beside me.” I looked but didn’t see a thing. Although I will admit I caught my breath and the hairs on my arms stood straight up.

Jesus is here.” I was speechless. Al went on to tell me that Jesus was sitting right beside him just watching him. Then suddenly Al began praying. I could make out some words he was saying but he was talking so soft that I struggled to hear.

I could hear him saying, ” Please take me home. Please take me home. I am sick. I want to go home”. This praying went on for about ten minutes. The clock was ticking down to midnight. I was holding Al’s hand while the people on the TV were laughing and having a good time. Then the numbers started. !0,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, Happy New Year.

Al quit breathing. My heart was racing. I looked all around the room but saw nor felt anything, but I knew without a doubt Al was seeing and having a conversation with God right there in front of me.

Finally he gasped and took a deep breath. Had he almost gone to heaven with Jesus? Had his heart decided to stop for a moment? I don’t know what happened but then it was over.

Al laid silent and I stood beside him stroking his hand. It seemed we were this way for sometime. He went to sleep and I went to bed going over in my mind what had just happened.

It felt weird. The world was moving into a new year and yet I remained glued to 2013. Time was speeding by me and yet standing still.

He was restless last night during the night. I was up with him several times. His hands and fingers are pretty swollen today. I don’t know if it is from his hands contracting or if it is his MSA or heart. The nurse will be here tomorrow and I shall be asking, although she will most likely notice it right away.

So here it is 2014. The hopes are brought into this new day. My hope is still that Al finds peace sooner than later.

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76 thoughts on “Ten Minutes to Midnite and Al had a Visitor

  1. I was wondering if Al … though quiet today, said anything about last night or what he believes Jesus said to him… It is draining I know on your physical well being and your emotions… I will pray for strength for you and peace for Al…. Diane


  2. Thinking of you both Terry, and I will try and contact Coca-Cola again tomorrow. See if I can get an answer from a person this time rather than a machine


  3. I have read many of your posts since October. Amazing is all I can say. Thank you for sharing. You are giving an amazing gift. Who takes care of you? I lost my dad in February and supporting my dad those last few months is an absolute treasure that remains in my heart.


    • No one takes care of me, but believe me, some days I wish someone would. I am so tired all the time. My sleep is broken so I am always wanting to take a nap. LOL. Thank you for letting me know that you read my posts. It is nice to have support while I walk this journey with my brother. Hugs


  4. I believe Al seeing Jesus and asking for Him to take him home,, anyone in that state see people that we cannot see and for you to feel your hairs to stand up well then you felt a presence. I have experienced this many many times. I hope and pray Al will find Peace soon and be out of this pain and for you a release. You are both in my prayers. Take care and God Bless to you both…Leona


  5. Oh Terry…Even though the event was unsettling for you, it clearly gave Al some peace. He knows he is going home soon, and I pray that this gives him the hope and the strength he needs to live out the rest of his days with a serenity he hasn’t felt until now. I pray for your continued strength, and these events will comfort you as much as they concerned you when they happened. Be at peace, my sister. Al will soon find the release from his pain. I believe that.


  6. I to would like to know the conversation he had with Jesus if any…more than that I wonder what is keeping Al from letting go, something and I don’t say this to be hurtful but something he is wrestling with due to the restlessness you described throughout the night. May God give you rest dear Terry strength to keep going and peace for Al.


    • I feel like part of it is still our Dad. Now that he has had visits from a nice Dad, he can’t figure out why Dad isn’t the way he was. No explanations I give him seem to satisfy him


      • Mybe if you remind him that the Lord changes and forgives people, makes them new when they ask forgiveness, and that He has done that with your Dad so going to heaven where Dad is he will find the “nice” Dad that visited him. I am not sure how else you would explain to Al that being with Jesus is all he need to do. God knows the time for Al to go home and all you can do is accept which I know you have. I hurt so for you both. Prayers my friend.


  7. Terry, I have had three such experiences; my great-grandmother’s stepdaughter came for her, she sat on her bed for about twelve hours before she left taking my great-grandmother with her; my grandfather’s brother came for him, he stayed in the room with my grandfather talking to him for about 24 hours, he then took him home. My husband spoke with his aunt who had help raise him, within 48 hours she took her baby boy with her, he reached for her in the end, I can believe she took his hand and took him home. These are my personal experiences, but there are so many other’s that is documented, how can we not believe. Have you told Al that you will be O.K.; many times even though they want to go they do not want to leave those they love behind. I wish I had the answers you seek, but believe that you are in my heart. I do wish I lived close enough to help. Hugs and Love, Ann


    • That is awesome that you have shared in those experiences. I have told Al several times that he can go but he seems to be worried about what I will do. I don’t know what else to say to him to convince him


  8. Hallelujah Terry. If Al has been blessed enough to see Jesus, then it can’t be much longer. Not everyone is so blessed to get to see the King of kings and Lord of llords, but remember when I shared with you how very special Al is because he has such a kind and repentant heart? Those who seem to be the least in the world’s eyes are most important to God, and obviously, Al. is very important to our heavenly Father. Therefore, not only has Al joined with Jesus in the fellowship of His suffering, but he has also been granted the joy and privilege that few receive. He has been given a personal vision of Christ in the flesh, right beside him, in his weakest time. As I write this, it becomes clear to me what the scripture means when it says, “His strength is made perfect in our weakness…”

    What an honor and a privilege for Al, and what great love your brother has for you, that he would think of you and call for you right at the precise moment when his Savior came to visit him. I could be wrong, Terry, but do you think it is possible that Al continues to linger because he is worried about your relationshiip with the Lord? Al isn’t stupid, and he knows how much you love him, and the pain and confusion you’ve felt since bringing him home and discovering that his time here on earth is coming to an end. I can’t speak for Al, but the one thing that would give me peace and release would be in knowing that my loved ones — those closest to me — (my hubby and children) — for Al, YOU — are safe and that when I go home to be with the Lord, I can rest assured, knowing that they too, love Him and that I will see them again on the other side.

    Terry, my friend, this has been such a hard thing for you to endure, but now would be a great time to talk with your heavenly Father, and pour your pain, your fears and your anguish out to Him as you pour it out so clearly to us. Ask the only One who is able to bring you comfort and peace, unlike any of us can offer you, to step in, forgive your sins (because He knows that we’ve all sinned and fall short of His glory), and heal your broken heart. He promises that if we confess our sins to Him, that He is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and even clean the filth of those sins from us. He promises that all who call upon His name will be saved. He tells us in His word to cast all our cares upon Him, because He cares for us…

    Terry, perhaps it’s time for you to stop trying to care for Al and do everything on your own, and hand Al over to his Maker, the One who loves Al so much that He came to visit him yesterday. Maybe, my beloved friend, it’s time for you cast all your cares upon the Lord, because the fact is that He cares for YOU, and there is no reason that you have to continue to carry all of the burdens you’ve been carrying alone any longer. Jesus is telling you, “Come unto Me, Terry. I know that you are weary and heavy-laden, but come to Me, and I will give you REST. Terry,” He whispers softly to you, “Take My yoke upon you, for My yoke is light {not heavy, nor burdensom, nor cumbersome} and My burden is easy {it won’t weigh you down, wear you out, wear you out to a frazzle}. Terry, trust in Me with ALL your heart, and lean not on your own understanding {I know things have been unbelievably hard, and it all seems like no good can come from it, but in spite of all this — TRUST HIM}. In ALL your ways acknowledge Me, and I will direct your path… {He’s telling you that if you will just trust Him and cast all of your worries, all of your burdens, all of your cares, your fears, your hopes and your dreams, at His feet, and trust in Him, and acknowledge Him, then He will lead you where you need to go…}

    My friend, I know how much you love your brother. It is evident in each post you have written, even in the midst of your pain and frustration, your love for Al shines through, as his love for you also shines through like a beacon in the darkness. Seek the Lord’s face, my friend, and pass the torch of Al’s care to his Creator, and ask Him to also take you under His wing and give you peace, healing and salvation. Allow the One who loves YOU best to care for you as only HE can.

    With much love, I hold you in my prayers, and I pray that this day, both you and Al will finally be able to rest in your Father’s arms!!!



    • As honestly as I am able to speak, I feel like I am closer to God today than I ever was. But, there is a part of me that is angry at God. I will ask him to help me and then I yell at him for not releasing Al’s pain. I am not a wonderful Christian. I have my doubts and then I lean on him harder than ever. I talk to God more these past few months than I ever did. Sometimes I am so confused, and other times I know God is leading us through this. Al doesn’t seem to think I will be alright after he is gone no matter what I say


    • The hairs stood up on my arms on that night also. It was exciting yet fearful, as I know I was in the presence of the Lord and I am not a wonderful Christian. I make too many mistakes


  9. It is wonderful to know that the Lord will take Al at the perfect time. Not a second early nor a second late. What a wonderful Lord that works all things for the good of His people. Lord bless you both.


  10. Terry, I’m also with you …. but there is something in Al, that doesn’t want to let go … I think he wants to stay with you he because of the comfort and the love he has with you. I think he are a bit unsettle about what will happen if he let go … give up, even if he has his faith.
    I’m thinking of you both.


  11. Terry, I have my hands full with family right now, but I’m still thinking of you every day, praying for you both. How incredible it would be if you could be right there with Al when he takes that last breath and wakes up in heaven!


  12. Terry I’ve been so terribly sad and restless when I read this,
    not because Al would go home but because you’re alone. I’m sorry
    I can’t be there dear friend ~ I’ve not ceased praying for you both. Fear not,
    Jesus IS with you both. I love you so much!


  13. My sweet Terry and Precious AL……….Oh so awesome,,,the experience to be in the direct presence of our Creator and Lord. When my grandfather was getting ready to go home, he was living at my parents home and cared for by my mother. G-pa had a very similar disease the caused small strokes that slowly took his body functions away, one at a time, I thank Father that his speech was one of the last to go…….( his last understandable words to me were “I’m still in here” ) A short time later, lying in his bed he , on occasion, would point up to the top corner of the room and then point at an angel doll mom had in the room…..I know that they were messengers from our Father God preparing him to come home……..it wasn’t too long that Father did just that. There’s more to the story but my G-pa , to me, was an awesome big hearted man that will soon be meeting Al at the gates of Heaven. Tell Al to look for Henning and to be prepared with a fishing pole…..G-pa will probably be on the bank of the Golden River of Life, playing catch and release with the golden trout……that’s where I envision our meeting to be, as we spent much time together fishing here. Terry, may our Father fill both of you and your home with His presence and Spirit, and comfort you both as He is the Comforter. Squeeze Al’s hand for me and know that you both are on the top of my prayer list……God bless you sweet sister Terry…..bless you awesomely.


    • oh wow, your grandpa sounds like a wonderful man, just the kind of grandpa I would like to have. Al sees our parents quite often lately. For him to see Jesus was a miracle to me. yet he is still afraid to go. I just can’t seem to think of anything new to tell him. I have told him to go that I will be alright. I have told him how wonderful it will be to have no more pain. I just don’t know what else to do. I will squeeze Al’s arm and give him a hug from you. I will also tell him to watch for the fishing pole. You are a fabulous friend. I am the lucky one here to have you in my life


  14. Terry, please do not be concerned with the “moods” of readers, we all have a cross to bear and it helps to write about that and know that some one hears and relates to what we are going through.
    My thoughts are with you and Al, wishing peace for you both this year. There is a special place for human beings like you who are willing to sacrifice so much for others. Thank you for sharing your
    life experience with us.


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