My Stress Relievers

I admit that the stress level I carry with me daily is high. I won’t explain why. I know for the most of you; you don’t need an explanation.

There is Al’s bedroom filled with a powerful illness, lots of vintage cars and plenty of coca cola items.

Then there is the rest of the house where I try to keep it peaceful and serene. I struggle to rid the stress. I have a hard time but I do survive through many prayers and my own handy work at feeling like I am not living in a sick house.

So here are a few photos I took tonight to let you see how I try to relax.

lights 2014lights 1 2014DSC00191lights 2 2014lights 3 2014lights 4 2014lights 5 2014

25 thoughts on “My Stress Relievers

    • Thank you so much my friend. I have always loved antiques. Now that I am getting older maybe I will love myself too! Next April I will be 60. That is considered an age of antiques!!!! LOL


  1. My Birthday is in April also. 🙂 LOVE YOUR HOME!!!!! Looks peaceful and filled with LOVE. Sending you and Al all my love and prayers.


  2. Light definitely gives one sense of ‘otherness’. It certainly affects me in a positive way. Christmas is a case in point: the days are short and darkness lingers longer in the morning and arrives early in the afternoon. I love having the Christmas lights on in the window and in the garden as it’s so welcoming and cosy on arrival back home from work.
    Your home lookes welcoming and peaceful. The objects displayed seem to be carefully chosen and placed specifically.

    In Christ.


  3. Great why to get ride of stress … is to pick up the camera, Terry … lovely warm and welcoming photos. I feel so for you and I wish I could ease your stress .. but I’m afraid you will have it so long as Al is where he is just now.


    • I so wish I could get back outside and use my camera, but it is bitter cold with way too much snow. Supposed to be almost 45 below zero the next two days with a foot of snow tomorrow!!!!


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