Where Does My Faith Lie

Today, is a test of sorts, a test to see where my faith lies.  I have been taught that God has nothing to do with our weather and yet I remember about Noah’s ark and the promise of no more rain for more than forty days in a row.

When you care for an ill soul, you don’t even question who is more important, you or them. You automatically bend towards the patient. So for today, tomorrow and Tuesday I pray that God shows mercy on all of us during this winter storm.

We are going to get wind chills of 45 degrees below zero. A foot of snow is seen already. The winds are beginning to pick up, swirling and twirling the new loose snow. There will be considerable drifting and dangerous temperatures.  With the cold possibly setting new records in 125 years here, and the threat of water pipes freezing and electricity maybe going out; I can’t help but pray that God shows extra mercy on my brother Al.

I could do nothing if I lose the ability to keep him warm and safe. I can not get him into a car. He would not be considered a medical emergency. It would be just like the tornado that flew by here in November of last year.

I laugh now when I think back to that day. I could not get Al in the car to leave for safer grounds. I managed to get him in his wheelchair and take him to his bathroom. He could still stand a few seconds and I was able to sit him on his shower chair and cover him up with a blanket. The entire time he doesn’t really understand why I am burying him in a blanket in a bathtub. He is yelling out, She is kidnapping me! She is kidnapping me!  I had his medications, flashlights and anything I could think of to keep us as safe as possible. Then I concentrated on prayer. Please keep my brother and I safe dear Lord.

And he did. Now I come to him repeating the same words against the wicked storm but I am asking for you to keep the water pipes from bursting so I can clean Al. I am asking for our heat to remain on so I can keep him warm. I am asking for our electricity to remain on because all Al has left is the sound of his TV.

While at this moment Al is safe in his bed listening to a football game, the weather outside is most definitely frightful. Here are some new photos of today.

Al on snow daysnow on windowsnow swingsnow treessnow truck