Photos of My Area, Warsaw, Indiana, Blizzard of 2014

This blizzard is more winds and below zero temperatures. The plow did come through twice and then my son came down and reopened my driveway. I really appreciated it and he didn’t mind since Hospice and the caregiver come here, but no one visited today. Very quiet as most people are huddled in their houses. Most businesses and all schools have been closed.

So here are some quick photos as I poked my head out the door. Also I have one photo of Al’s Christmas bear wearing Al’s favorite hat Marilyn from WP got him. Of course, it is a coca cola hat!

snow day 3 2014snow day 2014DSC00215snow day 6 2014snow day 4 2014snow day 5 2014

snow day 2 2014

22 thoughts on “Photos of My Area, Warsaw, Indiana, Blizzard of 2014

  1. Glad you are doing well…. we are waiting it out here, tonight it is supposed to go down to -18. We are trusting the Lord will continue to bless you there and here as well.

    Take care!


  2. oh my gosh thats an awful lot of snow!, my thoughts are with you both, please i hope you are both warm and safe, i hate snow i cannot get the wheelchair out when it snows so i become housebound and at the moment we have no heating so the very thought of any weather like that scares me, i admit it looks beautiful but i hope for you that you have continuing support and please above all keep warm, hope you keep well and safe and warm, hugs and love from the windy coast of northern england xx


    • This is an unusual temperature for us. I worry more that something would happen and I would not be able to get my brother to a warmer place. I just can’t lift him at all any longer since he has been bed bound. You are better off where you are. At least the wheelchair confinement is temporary. Hugs!!


  3. Most places here were closed too. Schools were closed & most businesses were closed. The place I work at was not closed though. But – we have had & have the option of working from home when weather gets nasty. Thank God for that.
    Stay safe & stay warm 🙂


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