Weekly Writing Challenge; Cliffhanger

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For this week’s challenge, write a post that will leave readers waiting for more. Breathless with anticipation. On the edges of the seats. Obsessively clicking “refresh,” waiting impatiently for the end of the story. We want to hear audible groans when readers reach the end of your post and see “To be continued…”


Lori ended her last day,  her last year in college. She was ready for a break. A long break. Enough of this studying. Too many professor’s lectures, more than enough of written papers. It was time to pack up and get out-of-town.

She invited her best friend Jen months ago to an outing to the mountains. The two gals had been saving every dime they could get their hands on. Instead of grabbing a coffee out, they invested in a coffee maker. Each of them took turns cooking suppers, saving even more money on groceries.

Now today was the day. Everything out of her locker she bounced with excitement the two blocks to her dorm room. Once inside she tossed her books on the bed. When she returned from her vacation she would box all of her supplies up and go back home.

But for now, it was a quick shower, a text to her girlfriend, and an evening of constant chatter. Each fell asleep with their words fading on their lips. Bright and early they got up and got dressed. Their bags had been packed for days.

Walking through the room one more time they each agreed they had left nothing behind. There was no food left in the cupboards and the fridge was bare so they stopped on the way out-of-town for some breakfast.

Bellies full along with their gas tank they headed out onto the open roads. Rolling the windows down and letting their hair fly out the window Jen turned up the radio and they sang to the tunes flying down the highway.

The mountain hike was only three hours from their college and in no time they had arrived. Peace and the birds was all they heard as they got out of the car. They got out all their supplies and their backpacks, locked the doors and headed to higher ground.

The trails were nice and dry. There hadn’t been any rain for some time so walking was easy. After walking for about a half an hour they stopped and rested. Looking out over the view all they could see was lush greens.

The air was pure and when they talked they heard their own voices echo off into the distance. They decided to have a snack and reached into their backpacks. They had packed some energy bars and with the fresh air even these pre-packaged ones tasted pretty good. Washing them down with water from their canteen they headed deeper into the forest.

It was almost dusk when they spotted an open area. Together the girls had their tent set up in no time. They found some kindling and built a fire. Everything ready for the night they chatted watching the flames of the fire and listening to the crackling of wood burning.

Both girls began to yawn. It had been a long and yet exciting day. Getting up early to attend the last classes and then no relaxing until now they both made comments about how tired they were.

Both girls crawled into their sleeping bags with their heads poking out of the unzipped flap. They talked a little longer and then it became quiet. Lori swatted at her hair, and then a few seconds swatted at her hair again. Without turning towards her friend she told her no more joking, time to go to sleep.

Her friend made some sort of noise to acknowledge she had heard what was said but she wasn’t prepared when suddenly two strong hands grabbed each girl’s hair and yanked them out of the tent.

hands 2

To be continued….

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