What Is He Doing?

The past few days I can see the same pattern forming in Al’s lips. During the past couple of months Al’s body has went from being able to move his legs to not. His arms would lift, but not now. His head would turn but no more.

Now his mouth and lips are following in the same pattern. Very seldom can he eat soft food. More so of pudding consistency. His lips are not opening far enough to get the straw in or a toothbrush.

I am beginning to swab his mouth more often. When he speaks there is hardly any muscle left in the vocal chords. Al’s eye movement is rare. Most of the time I see him staring into space.

It hurts me so much to see this wild spirit being locked inside of this sick body. I know I can’t fix it, believe me I have tried everything. Two days ago he got an open sore on his side of his leg.

The next day there was another one. Today there is a total of five open sores. They remind me of a surface burn. The top layer of skin is gone and he is leaving blood spots on the sheets.

This weather doesn’t help at all. I have had no help for the past three days. Hospice hasn’t been out. I am hoping that tomorrow with the weather finally being above zero, the bath aides come and it would be wonderful if the nurse showed up. She usually comes on Mondays and Thursdays so I don’t know if she will come on her off day.

Another thing has been going on. I can’t figure out what in the world is happening. Rhino, the cat,DSC00178 sits in the same position as in this photo. He usually is facing the bathroom door.

He sits in the hallway of Al’s bedroom and bathroom. At first I noticed him going to that spot off and on.

Now he goes there  often. He sits very still and he may sit there for minutes.

Last night he went inside the bathroom. He was gone for some time so I crept in softly to see what he was up to.cat He was sitting in the corner of the bathroom right next to the bathtub.

He was making some weird noises I have never heard him make before. Suddenly he meowed loudly and looked up at the wall.

He jumped up at the wall as if trying to get something. Then he dug at the corner of the floor then jumped back up at the wall. Then he saw me. He went back to his usual spot as you can see in the bottom photo and just sat like a statue. I don’t know what is going on.

I flipped on the lights in the bathroom and I saw nothing. We don’t have mice or any critters inside our home, so I don’t know what in the world he was seeing. But as you can see in the photo he is sitting at attention just listening.

50 thoughts on “What Is He Doing?

  1. Sweetie I see angels in your photos especially in the bottom photo. You and Al are surrounded by angels and the kitty sees them.
    Bless you and Al both and know the angels are with you, and are surrounding you with comfort and love.


  2. Terry he’s just letting go … my sister had a similar experience and they just mimic. His body is breaking down, slowly which is imperceptible to him, a blessing in disguise… try not to fear what’s natural and needful ~ I, too, am experiencing similarities but very gradual. I’ve been learning that Jesus is closest to us during these steps in our going across the veil– because that’s all it is, my darling sister. Al is nearer to Christ than you can comprehend and, when he tells you, Jesus is in the room, he’s not making it up or delusional — he’s testifying to us blind ones! Be as loving as you always are &, I assure you, Al is being set free from his disease, nothing less. I’m always praying for you dear~ Debbie


  3. It sounds like Al may be developing bedsores, try some Manuka honey on them if you can get it Terry. It is not expensive. As for Rhino, my cats have been weird for the last few days, I give up on trying to figure cats out! God bless you and I am praying for you both!


  4. Animals are so much more perceptive than we humans are. I am sure he senses the changes in Al’s well being and also as digitalgranny said the presence of angels. Who knows but perhaps in the last hours/days of life but what we might have “out of body” experiences as well.
    When my husband had his first heart attack, we had a little Yorkshire terrier who literally ran the walls in the living room until she got my attention to the crisis unfolding. Our current dog responds to his weakening heart beats and flutters.
    Hoping Rhino makes friends with the angels so you can all get some rest.
    Hugs from afar,


  5. I wish peace for Al and a release from this time of suffering and pain. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for you to see him like this, yet I have no doubt that he is aware of how much you love him and the way you show it how you take care of him. Keep loving him. Keep trusting. Whatever Rhino is seeing and hearing, it doesn’t seem to frighten him, and I believe he is sensing the presence of angels and the nearness of heaven. Be at peace, Terry, and keep loving Al. Blessings on you both!


  6. Dear Terry … words fail me. I’m speechless at the thought of what you are living through. Without even mentioning Al …. I can only hope and pray for both of you. Be strong …. healing light sent your way!!! From the heart ……


  7. I too feel that you are being surrounded with the peace that comes … that Al will finally find his way HOME… and pets feel so much… and maybe sees more than we can imagine… the body breaks down mentally and physically… hope you get a visit from the Hospice and nurse soon…


  8. I know when my mother got sores between her legs the nurses used to put rolled up towels to separate them so they wouldn’t touch…. but on the outside …I don’t know what could be done… not much I guess…. anyway thinking of you both as usual…. take care.. Diane


  9. Thinking of you both. I agree with the others. I remember being with my grandmother while she was in hospice and telling me about the little girl that kept appearing in different parts of the room. We know so little about the process of letting go as death approaches, but animals don’t have the burden of overthinking things. They are simply present and attentive. Hugs!


  10. I can a bit identify of how you feel, as I saw my dad in the last stages of his life. He refused to eat and only had the odd sip of juice or cocoa. His mouth was swabed with a special thing to kkep it abit moist. I have read a lot about it then and it actually says, that he wouldn’t have felt hunger or thirst and no pain, so it was the best way for him to go, as he wanted to go.
    Animals have a sixth sense and they feel more than we do. Rhino will miss Al I guess. Hang in there Terry and make it as comfortable as you can for Al! Big tiight hugs


  11. He can see the angels. He can see the ones who are ready to take Al. I don’t mean this nastily, but I wish they would hurry.

    Oh … and there is a Coca-Cola flag on its way to you


  12. There are rays of light? There is a new book out by a Christian writer (can’t remember his name but can find it if you want it) He has an entire chapter about how our pets are used by God as vessels of messages. He says if our pets could talk, man would probably know more about the spirit world. God is with you both.


  13. I think Rhino is aware & alert of what’s going on & feels Al’s spirit.
    I believe animals have a deep sense of more than we give them credit for.
    {Hugs} to you & Al


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