Please Continue to Pray

Al now has the fungus back after taking a full dose of medication. It has attacked his toes. His feet go from hot to cold and I can feel a wetness that I can not see in his hands and feet.

For a few days off and on he will carry a temperature. I give him medication to bring it back down but was told that in time he will spike a temp that will remain.

His eyes are still swollen and the one eye is very red. He told me he saw two TV’s and he is not on any mind altering drugs. I think his body is beginning to take a new journey. It must be a slow process but I do see changes almost daily.

Today, he had a cup of ice-cream twice and I am about to go in and see if he is hungry. He is still drinking but I have to hand-feed him his drinks through a straw, holding the one end with my finger tip and releasing the liquid into his mouth.

I just hate what is happening. I don’t know which is worse anymore, the MSA or the journey to heaven’s gates.

I am just asking you, my friends to continue to pray, asking for a smooth and comfortable journey for Al.

Al on snow day

58 thoughts on “Please Continue to Pray

  1. Many times throughout the day I pray for you and Al. I fasted today and asked the Lord to stop the suffering and pain. Although there will be pain when Al does go to be with our Lord; you will be with him again. This I know for a fact – Terry the Lord is well pleased with you and Loves you!! All the sacrifice, time, energy and selflessness in caring for Al – not many would stop their lives to care for someone. That is what makes you amazing and a woman that I honor! My prayers for you both will not case until you tell me to stop. Love you my dear friend!!! ❤


  2. also think of you every day… the answers to the questions that race through our minds… the whys…the how comes…why not now…why a certain person…suffering…
    we just don’t have the answers…Maybe after an event is finished we see the answers…it’s made so much clearer…but, it sure is hard while enduring some situations!


    • it sure is, I have seen death many times, but this one, is a death like no other. A death in waiting, a death with pain. almost too hard to watch and endure, but I have no choice. I will remain to the end


  3. I’m praying praying praying and understand your desperation… It won’t be too long, Terry and, going Home will be very peaceful ~that I can assure you. Keep him comfortable and you stay calm, ever trusting in Heavenly Father and His timetable. I love you so much. Debbie


  4. The Lord ids watching over you both Terry when He is ready He will bring Al home and he knows what a good and faithful sister you are. He will wrap you in His warmth and comfort you when the time is right for Al to go home…do not fear my friend.


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