In The Dark of The Days, Still Comes Sunshine Rays

In the dark of the days, still comes sunshine rays……..T.S.

Today has been very quiet. Al has eaten but little at a time. He has mainly slept with the TV noise running in the background. Days seem gloomy when he is so quiet but I know his body is resting so it can go on a glorious trip.

I received two  packages in the mail today. One was from a dear friend Al,   Al


a blogger here at WP. He had contacted Coca Cola and told them of my brother’s love of their product. The next thing I knew I opened a package that contained a Coca Cola flag.

coca cola flag

I showed it to Al when he woke up. His eyes got big but he said nothing. I am pretty sure though by the size of his eyes that he really liked it.

Al, thank-you so much for making arrangements to have this sent here. I will never forget.

There was another package in the mail. It came from a dear friend of mine who is an author of Poetry. Marsha McKneely Ault,

She had sent me a book that was published and inside she had signed a poem she had written about Al. It is an honor to hold this book in my hand and be able to turn to the page and see Al in it. Thank-you so much Marsha.




Marsha's poem

Dragging The Line

Dragging The Line

Every minute passes

Hours go by then days

Wishing, praying and hoping

God will come some day

Watching his eyes open wide

Seeing his smile fade a way

Silence fills the room

As I watch the dragging line

Sleep comes more often

Food comes even less

My heart just crushes

As I see this illness

Just dragging his line

Sitting in his chair

Watching his chest rise

I feel a cold shiver

As I see the dragging line

One day he will find peace

And I will once more smile

But for now the minutes tick by

As I watch the dragging line go by.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd





Daily Prompt; Singular Sensation, DP, Daily Prompt

If you could have a guarantee that one, specific person was reading your blog, who would you want that person to be? Why? What do you want to say to them?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ONE.

The one person that should be reading the posts on this blog is me. I write them. I recheck them, I post them. But I never sit back on a later day and read them.

What comes from my keyboard are true feelings from my heart and soul. Maybe if I read them I would be my own best healer and friend.

We are all so good at giving advice when asked but how many times do you ponder on what to do in life. Which decision should you make? Which direction should you go?

I love being able to share with you my thoughts and I love reading the comments. Sometimes I have trouble believing the wonderful compliments because I don’t see the mirror the same way you do.

I have the book inside my head. It is filled with everything that has been said in a negative way all my life. There are some chapters that are being filled in through a process of writing, but how much thicker of a book could I have, if I only read and learned from my own words.

fwf1Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpegmirror blocksRules of Life (2)book4

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Now we all know that Al is my brother. Being a caregiver on top can lead to some touchy situations. This is one of those situations.

I just came out of Al’s bedroom after spending about 20 minutes on one procedure. I told you all that a few days ago Al…

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