Do It For Me Boy

The next thing out of Al’s mouth was, I saw a sign on the door and the name was Jesus.

Do It For Me Boy


Let sleeping boys sleep sir

Let sleeping boy sleep

Let the body turn to rest

Don’t let him ever weep


Live the dream boy

Live it all day long

Dream of better days

And sing those pretty songs


Touch those pretty clouds boy

Feel the light in your toes

Let your worries go boy

Be happy where ever you go


Feel the warmth of light boy

Feel the golden sun

Be sure to smile down on me boy

Please dance and play and run.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



17 thoughts on “Do It For Me Boy

  1. Terry, this is the most lovely and loving poems that I’ve read of all your poems. It’s words and timing are perfect, and a lovely tribute to Al. You should consider reading or having this read at his homegoing service.

    Love you,


  2. What a lovely poem, Terry. God bless you and Al I pray the Holy Spirit wraps his arms around and carries him to eternal rest soon. Love, Eileen


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