The Vision

Short and sweet because I am trying to deal with what just happened. The only reason I am  posting is for your comforting words because I am weak.

Al and I have spent some wonderful quality time together tonight. But not all of it was good. He told me he felt like there was a big elephant on his chest. Then he told me he thought he was having a stroke.

I checked his vitals but they are not out of the ordinary of what they usually are anymore. Then he told me he saw trucks driving out of Egypt and in front of them was ladies with wings………………..


40 thoughts on “The Vision

  1. Terry, you and Al are in our thoughts. We pray for his comfort and the glorious journey into Heaven where he will no longer be in that body that betrayed him. He will walk with our Lord and be free from the torture MSA dealt him.

    I pray for your strength in the days to come and to follow. Prayers for your strength that you remember that you were an amazing caregiver, sister and friend. Prayers for you to find peace.
    Frank and Susan


  2. You are doing a wonderful job, Terry! I can only imagine how exhausting this is physically and emotionally. At least you get to be there for him. Bless you!


      • Dear Terry ,hold your head up high through all the struggle and pain you and Al have endured you have loved and comforted Al better than any nurse doctor or health visitor ever could.The reason being that in your heart you have so much love ,affection and tenderness for Al that it will go on through infinity.Through your love and memories Al will never die but will be at your side forever.Your brother will watch over you with all the love and kindness you have always given him.,and be a wonderful guardian angel.In times to come when you feel that little breeze on your cheek just remember, it will only be Al closing his beautiful wings around you.May your God love and keep you. Michael


      • Michael, I think you are the most compassionate and loving man I have ever known. Your comments touch my heart and you make me proud to be among the living. I do get consumed by his illness. It sucks me in. I realize that when he is gone it is his gift from God. I will miss him terribly, oh so terribly. Thank you for being you


  3. I believe you are strong enough to do this Terry.
    God…please let Terry and Al feel your comfort and give them your peace. Let Terry feel your strength from within to get her through this. According to your will I pray you will bring Alvin home to heaven with you and out of his terribly broken body. Please put an end to this very sad earthly story and give Alvin his wonderful glorified body. In Jesus precious name,


      • Terry, thank you for asking – today I had a great day and have been able visiting my friends and yesterday I had to take painkillers – so it’s up and down. You know where to reach me and my hand, when every you need to. I’m here for you. Just click on SKYPE!


      • I worry about you my friend. I hate it when you don’t feel well so often. Big hugs from me. I hope you can feel it soothing you on those bad days


      • Thank you so much for your care and concern – means so much to me. Terry, this is something I have to learn to live with – not easy, but I have to get my head around it.


      • Terry, I’m not very strong …. but there isn’t much I can do about it – so it’s just to carry on. I have my weak and weeping moments too … every week. Had 2 bad days now.


      • Terry, my dear .. you have enough of your own problems – I’m okay .. and hopefully I will be able to see an other specialists – because I have an infection in my colon. Doesn’t help to moan – life is what it’s. But don’t take me wrong – I’m very feed up with it.


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