It’s Getting Closer and More Familiar

Miles away, days away, a few hours away, half an hour away. Yes, only the world outside my block is dangerous. You think? None of us are safe anymore. It is so scary to me. Even at my age I imagine you can play the same game at your age.

I can remember trick-or-treating until dark with my friends, and no checking out the candy bag by mom.

I can remember riding my bike in the dark heading home on a Friday night from Grandma’s.

I can remember craving ice-cream and driving alone into the store way past dark and thinking nothing of it.

I can remember when my middle son came home from school one day there was a bully, who broke his glasses. I called the school and they talked to that kid’s parents. The parents paid for my son’s new glasses and the incident was over and forgotten.

I can remember when I heard of shootings it was in some huge inner city. I had no fear, only carried sadness for those families involved.

I can remember each school morning the first thing after attendance was called, we kids along with the teacher all stood up and stared at the flag stating the Pledge of Allegiance.

I can remember when we went to movies and laughed and ate buttery popcorn, thinking nothing but good thoughts.

I can remember the past few years of movie shootings, school shootings, God being taken out of everything possible, being afraid of the dark, trying hard not to go out after dark, locking my car and house doors, (even when I am home.)

School pregnancies were rare, now they are common.

Rape was a hush word, now it is up to the one who spills their guts to prove their innocence.

Life has surely changed. Now we have to be careful no matter where we work, live and play.

Last night a half an hour down the road a young man went into a Martin’s grocery store and killed two employees. Two ladies who will never see their lives lived out. I shuddered and goose bumps rose on my arms as I thought, this is getting too close to home.

What is it going to take? When is it going to stop?  I fear for my grandchildren. I fear for all babies. Who is going to help them with so many divorced families and two-person work people and no word of God is in the house? Who is going to take the needed time and let these youth know they are loved?

Is it our job as the employee,employer, neighbor, school counselors, ministers, parents, siblings, policemen to help nurture these kids? You bet it is. It is our land, the land we live and play in. We thrive here together. One for all and all for one.

Just a last added tidbit I just heard on the news just now. A priest once again resigns as his secret became public that he has been molesting children.



Take God out of everything? You decide…………crimeshotgunchildrenjesuslookingdown

21 thoughts on “It’s Getting Closer and More Familiar

    • In my opinion we do have change, bad change. Change to accept what is morally wrong. Change to accept murder and school shootings. Yet, on the flip side we need a Christian government. A government that works for the people and not for themselves. I guess I better shut up now!


      • Terry, Our most basic freedom is the right to free speech. In my opinion, you are able to say what’s on your mind. I agree with you on bringing back The Pledge of America and IMO, God should never have been taken out of so many fundamentals that many of us grew up with. I’m totally against firearms in the home and am tired of the media always blaming the shootings on a mental health situation. I believe poor parenting is the cause of many of our school killings. I also believe law enforcement won’t do anything about violence until we can remove the stereotypes surrounding mental health disorders.


      • Amen Sheri. It all starts at home no matter what is said. Plus why broadcast it forever on TV giving the sick ones the exact details on how to make it happen?


  1. Sad and yes so close, rather scary. It is in every country I think, also with the priests I heard more of that some time ago from Germany and England. Very sad. I am a member of a panel which meets regularly with the police and I am happy to say that we had no murder in the last year, and burglaries are going down too in my area. our police is working well in our ward!


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