Daily Prompt; The Luckiest People

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Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PEOPLE.

The first person my eyes laid on this morning was Al. Yes, he was breathing. I stopped in the doorway and just enjoyed watching those lungs go up and down. I know he will be better off when he is in heaven; but I am on the fence.

The sister in me tells him all the time that he has my permission to go. But there is a little fight going on inside my head. The emotion and the reality. It is so hard to let a loved one go without dragging behind it sorrow and sadness, tears and broken hearts.sorrow

I gaze over the person lying so still in that bed and I stand in shock as I visibly take in at the huge amount of weight loss. My heart skips a beat as I see this MSA winning over his spirit.

Rhino our cat sits by my side taking the view in also. He rubs against me as if trying to comfort me.DSC00159 Rhino spent a few hours guarding Al’s bedroom last night. I know in my heart that he knows the truth as I do. Rhino and I will carry our sadness together one day soon. He will climb in my lap and I shall shed tears on his fur.

Floods of pages race through my mind as I replay all of the fun things Al and I have done the past six years. I will never be able to walk into another auction without thinking Al is by my side. I will smile to myself as I vision him going through all of the items for sale, looking for a coca cola item.coca cola flag

Going past a buffet restaurant will always bring a tear to my eye as I recount the numerous times Al made choices without any help.

I haven’t blogged about Al in a couple of days. There is nothing much to say. Pretty much everything is the same and yet there are slight hints that his time is nearing.

He is sleeping most of the day and nights now. He is eating very little. Each night at bedtime he request I pray for him to have God deliver Mom and Dad to come take him home.

Most of the conversations between him and me are when he is hurting or needing a drink. He rarely ask for food and when he does eat, it is mainly still the ice-cream. When his eyes are open, sometimes I wonder if he is here with me as he seems to stare straight ahead.

There is a peace in his room that I can not describe. It is as if someone other than me is rocking him gently, keeping him warm until the final call is heard.rocking-chair

Every night I give permission for Al to go on to heaven, as long as he saves me a spot. Those big, blue eyes look into mine and I know without a doubt he will do this.Al and Rhino 3

The angels will fly down and take him gently to heaven where he will once again smile.Angel_Wings__Animated__by_Iaenic

Tears will fall as I say my final goodbye, remembering he was and is the best brother in the whole wide world.

I love you buddy, don’t ever forget.



Photo Fiction; The Alley


chainsEvery minute, every day

The chains do bind me

Locking me in my own mind

Ne’re letting me escape

Oh why must you do this

Have I not suffered enough

For I have tried to free myself

For so long now

But you tighten more

And you gag my lips

You keep me within your sight

For ever more I am yours

Your puppet on a string

I dance for you and sing

And afterwards I weep

As this is truly not who I am

Nor who I want to be

The chains, the fear

That once was yours, now mine

Help me O Lord, set me free

Let me for once be

The woman you cast in me.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Right To Privacy

obamaIf you found out that every thought you had could be heard would you change how you think?

This has nothing to do with Obama. It is the principal behind the photo, the words that gets me to thinking. How many times have you or I thought something other than nice. What can I use for examples……I am sure there are plenty. Tapping, thinking.

Have you ever told a secret you swore you would not tell?

Have you ever kept that extra dollar realizing the cashier gave you too much?

Have you ever secretly lusted after your best friend’s spouse or partner?

Have you ever said something trashy about your best friend?

I could go on and on if I wanted to but why bother? I am not here to make anyone feel guilt or ruin their good day.

I am only making a loud statement because without realizing totally what is happening, we are having our right to privacy violated.

We are humans, not robots or God. We do things every single day. Sometimes our thoughts are that, only thoughts. Most of us know when to not cross the line. But what if every thought we had could be recorded, heard, voiced to others? Would we change the way we think?