Daily Prompt; The Luckiest People

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Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PEOPLE.

The first person my eyes laid on this morning was Al. Yes, he was breathing. I stopped in the doorway and just enjoyed watching those lungs go up and down. I know he will be better off when he is in heaven; but I am on the fence.

The sister in me tells him all the time that he has my permission to go. But there is a little fight going on inside my head. The emotion and the reality. It is so hard to let a loved one go without dragging behind it sorrow and sadness, tears and broken hearts.sorrow

I gaze over the person lying so still in that bed and I stand in shock as I visibly take in at the huge amount of weight loss. My heart skips a beat as I see this MSA winning over his spirit.

Rhino our cat sits by my side taking the view in also. He rubs against me as if trying to comfort me.DSC00159 Rhino spent a few hours guarding Al’s bedroom last night. I know in my heart that he knows the truth as I do. Rhino and I will carry our sadness together one day soon. He will climb in my lap and I shall shed tears on his fur.

Floods of pages race through my mind as I replay all of the fun things Al and I have done the past six years. I will never be able to walk into another auction without thinking Al is by my side. I will smile to myself as I vision him going through all of the items for sale, looking for a coca cola item.coca cola flag

Going past a buffet restaurant will always bring a tear to my eye as I recount the numerous times Al made choices without any help.

I haven’t blogged about Al in a couple of days. There is nothing much to say. Pretty much everything is the same and yet there are slight hints that his time is nearing.

He is sleeping most of the day and nights now. He is eating very little. Each night at bedtime he request I pray for him to have God deliver Mom and Dad to come take him home.

Most of the conversations between him and me are when he is hurting or needing a drink. He rarely ask for food and when he does eat, it is mainly still the ice-cream. When his eyes are open, sometimes I wonder if he is here with me as he seems to stare straight ahead.

There is a peace in his room that I can not describe. It is as if someone other than me is rocking him gently, keeping him warm until the final call is heard.rocking-chair

Every night I give permission for Al to go on to heaven, as long as he saves me a spot. Those big, blue eyes look into mine and I know without a doubt he will do this.Al and Rhino 3

The angels will fly down and take him gently to heaven where he will once again smile.Angel_Wings__Animated__by_Iaenic

Tears will fall as I say my final goodbye, remembering he was and is the best brother in the whole wide world.

I love you buddy, don’t ever forget.



22 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; The Luckiest People

  1. Hugs and prayers for strength and comfort for you and ease of passage for Al.
    This is not your, or even Als time you are walking in. This angel time and they are there waiting for Al’s time ti be theirs also.
    My hubby woke me up at 3 am this morning and i reached for my cell phone to call an ambulance as the only time he is up at that time is chest pains, stroke or dementia-he was smiling and laughing and told me he was remembering what fun we had at the ocean once trying to climb the dunes packing lunch, soda, tent and umbrella.
    We camped out there over night to photograph the sunrise over the king tides and got woke up in the middle of the night when the surf washed up on the dune we thought was high enough but wash”t.
    He and I sat there at 3 am and laughed tip almost 4 am.
    He went to sleep with a smile and woke up with one too and so did I.


    • That is just the most beautiful story. The laughter and forgetting the what if’s will be memories you will never forget. I would give my right arm to hear Al laugh just one more time. Most of the time he just stares. I hope the angels are truly here as each night after I pray for Al with him, I tell him the angels are standing around his bed waiting for the word from God to take him home. Thank you so much Granny for sharing this beautiful story with me


  2. Terri, Your words are always so sweet and definitely straight from the heart. You are a blessing to me and I am sure to others as well. Yes, God has on overall purpose in this…someday we can sit at his side and ask him about it. Blessings to you both.


    • I never think of myself, but you made me aware that one day I can ask God why did he wait so long to take Al home. I am sure his answer to me will make perfect sense. Thank you for pointing this out


    • I think Rhino knows also. He must have a cat sense that we humans don’t have. You will never know how much I appreciate the prayers. I don’t know where I would be without them, thank you


  3. Terry, you’re back… And with Al! I kept checking back on your blog and I must have been getting lazy over the last few weeks. Oh, it’s so great to hear from you again and I’m sorry Al is worse, but I know that is the nature of this dreadful beast. I thought he was gone this whole time, so I’m glad you two got to celebrate the holidays together as I know he was so worried about that. Oh, I could hit myself on the head because you are my 1st bookmark and I figured you’d never be back after so long. So, welcome back my friend and you sound like you’re in a better place, despite it all.
    Big hugs! A


    • Hello Terry, Ihope you are taking care of yourself.I know you are taking care of Al. Have no fear Terry there is a place in Als heart for his loving caring sister that is there until the end of time.I know it is difficult for us who suffer from this despicable thing,but i think personally that the caregivers,like yourself and my wonderful wife suffer more.You love us unconditionaly, you nurse us and do whatever has to be done for us without question 24 hours a day.Although much of the time we are perhaps unable to say or express anything to you ,inside where this thing cannot quite reach there is a place that loves and knows what you have done,and are still doing for us.We see the sadness and pain there and we feel so sorry for putting you through this .You are such beautiful and courageous people who have to try and do all the normal things in life,as well as devoting all the love and care you do to us.I am not afraid of what is to come for me ,i have come to terms with it .Nothing or no one can hurt me more than this cruel affliction has, but my heart hurts so much because soon i will be gone from my beautiful marilyn and my children and grandchildren who have brought such joy and happiness to my life.Both myself and AL will never forget those we leave behind, the ones that loved and cared for us for so long. never ever think you will not be remembered by Al for being such a wonderful caring sister and humanbeing.He loves you so much Michael


      • Tears came to my eyes as I read your comment. It has to be so much harder for you the patient to be forced to let us care for you. Your wife and for me the sister, we do it out of love. We have a choice but you do not. All I know is that when you and Al leave for heaven, you will find each other and I know God has a very important job for the two of you wonderful people. Big hugs, please stay in touch


    • I have missed you. I don’t know how we have left each other’s path through writing but I am glad we found each other again. Yes, Al is getting worse but he has to, in order to reach heaven’s door. Love and hugs!!!


      • I thought you had stopped blogging because I could only get to your About page or wherever I left you the last message–the rest of your blog had disappeared! The URL was correct and now I’m so confused. How bizarre–did WP not want me to visit you? :/

        Love and hugs back at you…


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