A Day With The Firemen

I am so sick of this cold arctic air I could just pull my hair out. Oh how I long to go out and sit on my swing and watch the squirrels play. Or walk to the mailbox without putting on the gloves and boots. Anyone else feel the same as me?

Yesterday Al’s air mattress quit working. It was early evening when the tech came to the house. He didn’t have a mattress to replace, so actually wondered why he came. But any ways he looked it over and found holes. I saw holes also that had been patched with duct tape.

It amazes me at the prices they charge Hospice for a repaired mattress. He couldn’t fix it because I didn’t have any duct tape here for him to use. Manually he did some pushing of the buttons and set it on firm so Al could rest comfortably until today.

The Hospice nurse, four firemen, me, the tech and caregiver were all here at noon. They moved the entire bed and moved his recliner along side of it. Putting the recliner in a laying position Al was wrapped like a baby on the back of an Indian woman.indian

With everyone on the same page Al was transferred to his recliner without the aid of a hoyer lift. The last time we used the lift Al was left swinging in it and transition was rough on his poor limp body.

This time it was a piece of cake. The new mattress was installedย  and Al was replaced back in bed.

I think he did well, but with as ill as he is his body still takes a big toll with the movement. He has been asleep ever since 1pm.ย  The job is done and I hope for his sake we don’t have to transfer him again for as long as he is here.

Today he had a cup of ice-cream for breakfast and a half-cup of yogurt and half-cup of applesauce for lunch. I just don’t know how I would survive on so little. 99% of the time Al eats only ice-cream for any meal.

After everyone left the caregiver and I went about cleaning up his room. The firemen had transferred his electric recliner out to the living room since it took up space that was needed in his room. The firemen also put the bathroom door back on.

I had it taken off back in June when he came home so the wheelchair would go through the door. Now that he can’t sit up, the wheelchair has been stored in the shed. Enough caregivers and Hospice are here that the door needed to be put back on for privacy and lack of running to the other end of the house to use my bathroom.

It felt good to complete the tasks. Al safe in his new air mattress bed, all the snow and melting salt swept up from the floors. Small rugs washed, dried and put back in their spot. The only thing that could make today better would be to walk outside my front door without my coat, gloves and boots on.

38 thoughts on “A Day With The Firemen

  1. Only 62 days until the Spring equinox and only 15 days until the Sun marks the first spot on its way to Spring. Truth be told, the first day of Solar spring is (this year) February 3rd. From that day, we will notice longer days, warmer sun, more of it and signs of spring. So cheer up buttercup and be glad it got cold enough to kill off some bugs this year! Love to you and Al!! Glad you have such wonderful helpers.


    • I don’t know how you do it but when you say 15 days until the sun marks the first spot, I get a little excited. When you say longer days starting Feb 3, I get more excited. Not only am I cooped up because of Al’s illness, I have a chance of getting outdoors for some fresh air to brush some of the gloom and sadness off. Thank you so much for helping brighten my evening


  2. LOL at AL he is always looking out for you Terry. I wanted to say how wonderful he was in getting the coke flag for Al. So did you get a number of any fireman.??;) I am glad that all went smooth with the move for AL, it has to be very rough on him to have to be moved. and how wonderful they put the bathroom door on for you…don’t believe that is in their job description LOL. So glad your day ended up happy. I like you cannot wait for spring either!


    • I have asked my son who lives within walking distance to put that door back on but he never thought he could escape his hobby to help Mom. I am very thankful for the firemen. Not only were they easy on my eyes, they were alive and talking, laughing. Things I don’t hear much of. Yes, Al is one of the most caring guys I have ever met. I have looked for someone with his qualities around here for a long long time


  3. Angels come in various sizes, shapes and uniforms. What wonderful people to help you so much. They obviously are working from the depths of their hearts. May you continue to be so blessed during this journey.


  4. Duct tape? Now that is totally unacceptable. I tell in home nurse when she is needed that the price I pay for my share of the co pay of hubby’s services stuff better be brand new, or in good used shape and sure as heck not patched with duct tape.
    I a grateful you had such good help today and that Al is comfortable.


  5. Oh dear – Don’t pull your hair out. You would be even colder. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I am so with you on being tired of this weather. It seems to drag & it tends to keep us in cave-mode.
    Glad that you got help & good that the fireman helped with the door too.
    {Hugs} to you & AL


  6. You are lucky, got firemen in your house…..Glad they could help you. I am sure Spring will come eventually….. I can imagine getting fed up with the cold, I don’t like it either. Lets hope there will be a warm spell soon. Big hugs


  7. Great news … that Al is comfortable again! What a work force you had … love firemen – they can come and put my doors back on anytime of the day. Spring???!!!! we haven’t had winter – no deep minus yet, so I can’t defrost my freezer, really bugs me. Have more ice in my freezer than they have in Lapland, I think. *smile
    We had some snow and still small amounts left on the roofs, we have a chilly wind, but temperature is high. I don’t think we can have spring before winter. And I still long for our winter. I’m a sad person at times. *laughing.


    • I don’t mind winter but this winter has had too many days of below zero days with bigger winds. Forces a human to stay inside. What time of year is it there? Winter? I can remember when I had to defrost my freezer. No fun, just no fun. I did enjoy taking sneak peeks at the handsome firemen!!!!! LOL


      • I don’t mind the defrosting, very quick, but I need at least -10 so all my stuff don’t defrost during waiting. Hopefully next week. I don’t like cold wind neither – we have on just now, but still +3C so I don’t know where the chill comes from.
        Terry, I don’t think there is a woman that don’t fancy firemen.
        I love them …. have been rescued twice by them – they are always the ones that have to do the heavy load when there is an accident.


  8. What a blessing for you to have so many people helping you and what a blessing for Al to have such love from a sister who is constantly working for his benefit. Lord bless you both. We continue in daily prayer for you both.


  9. oh i wish i could send you some sunshine from here… we have already lost our winter and it’s in the 20’s … i will bottle up some heat and send it your way ๐Ÿ˜‰


  10. Obviously you have done some really great work in enlisting, using, and supervising efficient help. Al is the more comfortable for it. And yes, I agree about the weather. It is good that the days are gradually getting longer, but it would be nice if we could expect better weather with it sooner than later. I also agree that a big part of the pain is having to get dressed like a little kid going out to play just to go to the mailbox.

    Actually, I don’t check the mail unless I’m going out anyway for some other reason. Rarely is it anything but stuff to be recycled.

    You are really impressive in the way you manage daily crises and still maintain life for yourself.


    • That is me also. I have to walk or drive to the mailbox, so I don’t go often in the winter. I know when my bills come in so I go them. Thank you for a very nice comment Mona


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