I Have To Go, But I Need Ideas

Al seems pretty content in his new air mattress bed. He got his bath this morning. I think he likes his bath aside from the fact he is turned so often.

We have had big issues with discovering new ways to communicate. We have used flash cards.flash cards We have tried to use fingers for yes and no.

We have tried blinking with the eyes, and once in a while, this still works.

We have tried spelling. I am running out of ideas as his voice becomes softer and his lips barely move.

If anyone has had this sort of issue to work with; please share your ideas with me.

I made vegetable soup today. It gave me something to think about other than Al. It was pretty good, but not as good as my Mom’s.  Here is a photo of my soup.veggie soup

Here is a photo of Al and one of his nurses.Alvin and nurse

I try very hard to find a good thing each day and today it was coffee. A sample in the mail of a new flavor from Folgers.folgers

Oh friends, I am sorry to cut this short. I could hear Al’s voice. I went to him and I saw that his hands were more swollen than usual. As I checked him over his one leg is quite swollen. I went a step further and checked his temperature. It is 102.9. I have to call Hospice. I shall talk to you later friends. Love and hugs.