Tombstone Fundraiser

I have a fundraiser where I am trying to get help for Al’s tombstone. I have the funeral paid for and the plot, but I can’t seem to get the funds for his tombstone. I realize he doesn’t have to have one, but I want him to because I love him. Here is the link if you would be interested. Please share this with anyone you think may help.

Thanks my friends.





Al on snow day

23 thoughts on “Tombstone Fundraiser

  1. Used your link and it took me to a page on how to set up a new fundraiser. I want to donate to your fundraiser and cannot figure out how. Please check it out and correct the link you have listed so you do not miss out on any donations.


  2. That is so sweet of you to want to do that. Tom’s father unknown to us did not have one for years. His dad died while we were in the army and we assumed it was taken care of and did not know until we moved back home. It took us awhile to take care of it for financial reasons too.
    Blessings and prayers dear friend….


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