Updating MSA Patient, My Brother

Al continues to remain but the changes that he is being forced to deal with now are miles from being pretty.

He is now unable to swallow as well as he was last week. Fluids have been decreased in order for him to not die from choking to death. No more home-made pureed foods, only infant baby foods. No more coke, which is just terrible as that has always been Al’s favorite drink.

He has blisters on his feet. He had a goose size blister on his head which drained this morning. At any time he remains to develop new blisters. The illness is battling against me and his body.

It is determined to come outside of his skin and so gloves and any protection we have available is used at all times. Things are ugly, just plain ugly.

But you know me, I have to find something good about each day. The one good thing is that Rhino jumped up on Al’s bed one time, so I hurried and took his picture. Then I found ice on the trees, and I don’t remember what else, but here are the photos. Oh, I remember my friend who is staying with me made me a pink scarf to go with my new vintage pink purse.

I also want to thank all who have helped with Al’s funding for his tombstone.

snowMerhinosquirreltreetree 2