Feb. 24th Update on Al

Hello my dear friends. I have been very busy. I have had too many days without help so it is slowing me and my energy down. I am more tired. Al is continuing to get worse. His fever is trying to stay high even through Tylenol.

Last night he scared the crap out of me. I tried to turn him over on his side. What I saw is what scared me. His half side of his face was white dots. I mean dots all over, every pore was filled. His ear was covered in white dots and down inside his ear.

He was able to talk just enough to let me know his throat hurt and his other ear was beginning to hurt. I looked inside his mouth and his tongue was a full dose of white polka dots.

It was late evening but I called Hospice anyways. Not wanting to come out, they were not sure what it was, but they did advise me of something to give him until they arrived this morning.

So all night I was up with Al fighting his fever and trying to keep him comfortable. He finally drifted off to sleep around 3am, then so did I, but was woken up at 7 by a text. I got up, realizing that my day was not going to be a good one to start and also I knew the shower gal would be here in one hour.

I decided to take a shower to help wake up. I am too old to go for a whole day with only four hours. The nurse did come this morning and I learned that Al is really fighting a fever now because the MSA is just running rampant inside Al. It is so bad that it is seeping out his pores.

What I was seeing last night was the illness itself. I felt at that moment I was going to be ill, and I could only imagine how my poor brother must be suffering. My day drug by and it went pretty slow. I never did take a nap but I hope to go to bed earlier tonight.

This evening Al was watching a movie of Laurel and Hardy.laurel and hardy I decided to take a couple of photos of Rhino, our cat and I did one sketch tonight. I thought I would share with you also what I did.

Please continue to pray for Al and me. I had a panic attack today but thanks to a dear friend online I was able to keep it at bay. I think I am just plain exhausted and I crave sleep. Hugs to you all and thanks for being patient with me for my lack of writing quite as often.

RhinoRhino 2flower

62 thoughts on “Feb. 24th Update on Al

  1. Continued prayers for you both sweety! Everyone understands that you can not write all the time while being a sister a care provider a nurse all in one plus try and care for yourself too. I am sorry about the panic attacks I have friends who have them and my son deals with anxiety not the same but close. Glad to hear a friend could help you with that as I know it is a scary thing to go through. Give AL kisses from us all and to you many hugs and kisses too! We will be here for you when you need us and in the meantime rest as much as you can and I know that is as well hard to come by but dear friend please try when you can. We all love you and I pray sleep comes for you and peace comes for Al very soon


  2. Continuing to pray for you and Al. Stay strong my friend; the Lord is by your side. He knows what you and Al are feeling. Lean on him. Praying that you get a restful nights sleep and Al’s fevers go away. MSA is a monster for sure. Praying for Al’s release from this disease and what it has done to him.


    • I am still fighting Al’s fever. The medication we use for fevers isn’t doing so good anymore. Hospice told me we may fight the fever to the end. I love that you pray for Al and me Dayna. you are a wonderful soul and I think you are wonderful!


  3. Wow!!! Bless your heart…you are mentally and physically exhausted. Praying for a peaceful rest for you and for Al. This MSA sucks!! Not looking forward to any of this. My mom has it. It’s already breaking my heart. Thank You and Al for sharing your journey with us. You have my continued prayers…I Question it all…but I could not image doing this without God and support from friends and family. I’m sending you a Warm Loving Hug!! Praying that God will wrap his arms around you and Al until you feel safe and comfort. ❤️
    Love Tamma


    • Good morning Michelle. I so appreciate your continued prayers. I pray there is a God and he is listening. All of my life I have believed in God and I am counting on him now more than ever


  4. Continued hugs for you and Al. God bless your caring heart and prayers for peace for Al. You are always in my thoughts – we all love you and Al.


  5. Sending you and Al a healing hug in the mighty name of Jesus, the fever be removed, I claim victory for both of you. Physicians heal thyself, you speak positive, undoubted life to both of your bodies. Cyber hug. As they say when you have kids, sleep when the baby sleeps. Get some rest,God rested on the 7th day, and has all power.


  6. You have been in my prayers regularly although I have made no comments. I have a quiet moment right now. We are between doctor appointments and I can stop and take a moment to comment. My hubby went in for a double hernia surgery that had a series of various clearances from doctors prior (heart, lung, urology, etc.) which he finally had a few days prior to Christmas. One month later they removed some cells from his mouth and lip that were deemed as precancer. When we went back to have the stitches removed, our lives were changed. We were informed that he had stage 3 cancer and that he would be tested also for prostate and pancreatic cancer. That was the longest doctor’s visit I have ever sat through. The waiting between doctor visits is the roughest. We now have to wait till March 4th for the next visit for a doctor that is 1 1/2 hours away. My absence my seem like I have not been here but I read and pray for you regularly and do think about you often…prayers and hugs sent….


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