Josh Groban

I continue to think positive about my day today. The caregiver is bathing Al and I take my daughter’s advice and stash the world away and pray and inspire myself through the music I have come to believe in. I pray for a strong mind and firm look at life today.




flower blooming

8 thoughts on “Josh Groban

  1. Our sweet Terry,
    How did you know that I too needed to hear this song today? When my Dad passed away – Mom and I were in his truck, driving back to the Ranch (a 3 hr drive). She wanted to turn on the radio, I said no because I knew that Brooks & Dunn would come on and I would loose it! (Dad’s favorite group and personal friends). She kept insisting so when she it the radio button I rushed to hit the scan button. Then all of a sudden this man…. Josh Groban came on… this exact song…. we pulled over, cried our eyes out as he healed our soul! This song has made me cry, healed me and continues to touch my soul. I pray that it will do the same for you and more!!! Give Al my love – even better yet… play it for him! The Lord will raise you up… lift you and carry you…. when we can’t seem to bear anymore…. he is there. Love You!!!!


    • Hi Dayna, I am thrilled that I played a song that means so much to you. I play it quite often to help keep me going. The words just soften my spirit and give me strength to continue on. There is no way I could keep going without God and friends such as you. Love and hugs my friend


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