Free Versus Money, or Both?

When my friend was staying with me she had made a comment that stuck with me. I think of it often now and compare it to what I have done when those special dates come up in my life.

A grandchild’s birthday, well I should add, that I am the worst person at remembering grandchildren’s birthdays. I usually remember but too late. I will see it on Facebook, or someone will mention it.

I am lucky to remember my own anymore, but then again, why would I want to remember mine. I will be the big 60 after all. I realize age is but a number, and the phrase,  you are only as old as you feel, but it freaks me out to be quite truthful.

My biggest fear in life is something I can not control, my death. Oh sure, I can eat right, keep that fat in line. I can exercise until I drop, but in the end I am going to go, just like everyone else, but still it haunts me.

I always remember my own kids birthdays. Have never forgot. When you are my kids ages you sort of, well heck, for me, I just plain run out of ideas on what to get them. How can I make them realize how much they mean to me?

My kids would be crazy if they ever thought for one moment that I didn’t love them to death. Even when it is my time to leave this earth, the kids will be the last things I think about. But with birthday’s  and Christmas it has pretty much come down to money for gifts.

One of my kids lives out-of-state. One of them lives very close to me and the last lives about 35 minutes from me. Not too bad I guess considering some parents kids live on the opposite side of the world.

When my girlfriend made the statement, time is the most precious gift you can give of yourself to anyone, that really sunk in. Gosh, it doesn’t cost a penny. It is a way to show them that I care, and I know without a doubt that I would have a wonderful new memory with the children.

We can go from that fact, to looking outside the box. Is there anyone that we are close enough to that they would also appreciate some of our time? What about that shut-in next door. Do you think they would enjoy a fifteen minute visit from us?

How about a phone call, or maybe they would enjoy opening a letter in the mail instead of those nasty bills? I bet if we use our imagination we can think of some wild, and sometimes crazy ways to spruce up a sad face or a lonely heart.

Maybe I will be creative and think of something to add to that money to just put a little extra kick in people’s lives that I care about and love this year too.






14 thoughts on “Free Versus Money, or Both?

  1. Your friend is right, just being there for someone, giving a hug, say hello, bring a smile, is more worth than anything else.
    Love your 3 dancing girlies…. our future selves 🙂


  2. Terry I learned along time ago that kids don’t appreciate gifts so we quit buying…at Christmas the grandkids under the age of 13 get a gift. Over that you get the joy of our company and a good meal…TIME…spent together IS the gift. As for g-kids birthdays I remember but never know what to get so I ask about a month ahead of time so they can tell me and I can save a bit back for it, again only for the younger ones. At 15-16 you get a card with money equal to the years. After that you get a card, that’s if your lucky otherwise a phone call or text message. Not the best in some peoples eyes but it works for me…As for turning 60 I am ahead of you there…the nice thing about it is you can get by with forgetting birthdays etc due to your age, yet you can impart knowledge/wisdom and others think you are very wise and knowledgeable or off your rocker so it benefits each way LOL. You can also get by with speaking your mind and they think the same it’s your age or mental capacity…diminshed of course. You worry to much just roll with it and have fun, the winter of our years are for us not for others. LOL


    • I love, love your comment! I can start blaming everything on my age!! LOL. I like your idea of years equals money and when they get a certain age, a card is it. I am getting older and therefore I don’t have the funds I used to. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! hugs


  3. I am 65 and make sure I leave notes on calendars and all over the place to remind me of things.
    Time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while looking out a window, or remembering a sweet memory is free and something money can not buy.


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