So Much For Sleep

It was a crazy weekend for sure. For one, the silence was deafening. Thankfully, my girlfriend calls me nightly. Last night, Sunday, Al was so uncomfortable. He was in pain and no matter what I gave him, it didn’t take it completely away.

He fought a temp all weekend. Even with his fever and pain medications the fever was still there. I didn’t get to go to bed on  time. Al had every right to complain, he is the one feeling it, but boy, did I want to go to bed.

Then during the night I had been asleep about two hours when I must have had a nightmare.


nightmareI heard people marching. I mean it was so loud I instantly sat up in bed. I could feel my heart racing. It felt like it was beating in my throat.

I sat frozen in spot, listening. I was first thinking is this the way Al went home? The horses or men or whoever it was had come to get Al, and yet I sat there frightened as a mouse being caught with cheese.

After a spell went by I realized I had been dreaming so I laid back down and went back to sleep. Oh, I should say I did check Al and all was alright. About a half an hour later I was woken up again. This time I was hearing bells. No, not bells like bells in my belfry, lol, but more like chime bells.

I didn’t sit up in fright as it was such a nice chime but laid there listening for more, but nothing. By the time I went back to sleep I was figuring I would get about two more hours of sleep, if I was lucky.

I woke up in time to let the shower girl in and wanted to go back to bed and die from lack of sleep but that didn’t happen either. The phone rang three times. The nurse showed up. The caregiver arrived.

I then remembered it was Monday and I had three bills to pay sitting at the computer. I made the phone calls and paid two of them. On the third one, my cell bill, the automated was messed up.

The empty person’s voice couldn’t detect the information I was putting in. So then it tried to give me a temporary pin number to proceed but of course when I punched those numbers in, it couldn’t hear me.

I was then switched to this, listen to me, a LIVE voice. Yes, a real person. I told her what happened and then she said she was so happy to help me. She asked the usual, name, address etc. Then she asked me for the kind of phone I had.

I told her what it was but she wasn’t satisfied. She wanted the serial number. I explained that my phone is generic and if I pull the back off she would disappear from the conversation.

She told me to look up my account on my bill. With a false smile I explained that I have been on contract with them for nearly two years. I told her that for the first three months of being with them I had called in and reported that I was not receiving any online statement from them.

She was frustrated that I didn’t know crap about my name of my phone and put me on hold for some time. I hadn’t had my medicine for my Diabetes yet. I was hungry. I was tired, and my pet peeve is being put on hold.

After some silence, I didn’t even get the elevator music, gees, she came back online. She verified my home address and said she would start having my bills sent snail mail. Under my breath I whispered, why didn’t you do that a year and a half ago. Wow, a few months before the contract ends, I am going to actually get a bill!

I thanked her for her help and paid my bill. When we finished our lovely conversation I looked at the time I was on the phone with her and it had been thirty-one minutes. Oh my gosh, that long? And all this was over the fact that their automated system didn’t work good today.

So here it is 1pm in the afternoon. The caregiver went to Taco Bell to get lunch and she brought me back some Tacos too. I am still in my pajamas. I haven’t washed my face nor brushed my hair, and she leaves at 3pm.

So much for my Monday. Is it Tuesday yet?

17 thoughts on “So Much For Sleep

  1. Don’t we just love our cell-phone providers …. I went “pay as you go” .. when I returned to Sweden, and it’s only to press a couple of buttons on the phone and it’s refilled. Pay $22.00 per month and I can phone so much as I want to all moblie nets and landlines. Love it. I hope you will find some rest tonight. Thinking of you.


  2. Grrr to online bill paying I too have problems with it as do most of us at one time or another…efficiency my behind! As for the marching you had in your dream I have read Indian Lore and drumming is done when a chief is passing…same for the chimes when Hindus pass. Just an fyi. hugs


  3. Some days seem to last forever & others pass in a blink of an eye.
    Frustrating having to be on hold. What ever happened to good ol’ customer service?
    I caringly scold at you – EAT, DRINK & TAKE YOUR MEDS FIRST – bills will have to wait. I don’t want you having diabetic reactions!
    Hope that is an effective scold 😉
    {Hugs} to you & Al


  4. We pay our bill in cash here in town at the US Cellular office and do not even deal
    Hubby’s caregiver co pay is taken right out of his check and it can not be raised, and more can not be taken out, unless we are contacted first and ok or disagree with it.
    Happy Monday is over for you and hope you get some rest tonight.
    Prayers for Al and you, and hugs.


    • Sounds like a very simple and uncomplicated method you use. More so than mine!!!! This night is over. Al is resting. It did bother me that he turned down his nightly ice-cream, but I didn’t push. Off to bed I go. Night and big hugs


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