Frustrations and Laughter

Wow, what a day from hell. It started out good. I got up before my time to and hopped in the shower. Al was sleeping so I took the time to even dry my hair. Dressed and bed made I fed the cat, and sat down to make some phone calls.

I am still searching for any good person to help me here at the house. Do you know how frustrating it is to hear so many scream they need a job, but then no one wants to work here?

A friend came this morning and helped me give Al his bath. A couple of hours later the caregiver came and then from that point on unexpected visitors appeared and my day got quickly worse.

Do you remember back to when you were young, like elementary age? The things we threw fits about and argued about seemed so important. Today, if we act like this we are considered less than young. We could be considered petty.

Yes, that was my entire day. Awful, nasty, he/she blaming others. All this came about over me trying to something right. I won’t go into deep details. As far as I know, all is resolved.

As for Al he has barely eaten today. He was the one most calm all day. Sleeping seems to be his past time anymore.

The caregiver is gone, it is almost time to check to see if Al wants to eat supper. I am listening to the news. The weather is on. I just want to puke. Yep, I used that word. A chance of one inch more of snow.

What is up with this terrible winter? Here in Indiana in my area we have had 101 inches of snow. Starting way before winter arrived and never letting up with way too many below zero temperatures.

I swear, when this chapter of my life is over, I am renting a motel room or running away from this house and I am going to lock myself up in a hippie house. A house filled with pretty flowers floating on the walls. Colors everywhere. Happy smiles on everyone’s faces.

Oh wait, that sort of sounds like the seventies doesn’t it? Well maybe I  have returned as an adult in a hidden flower child costume, except no drugs. I won’t need drugs. The release from all of this stress will be my natural  high.

I am sitting here laughing my butt off and I have no reason why. Just laughing, yes, laughing. Guess it is a good thing there are no window peepers or they would call the white straight jacket people trying to have this insane person committed.

Oh well, tis life, another day, another penny earned. Frustrations and laughter all in the same sentence. Doesn’t sound right, but it works for me.

flowers 2hippy

20 thoughts on “Frustrations and Laughter

  1. a hippie house sounds perfect to me, and you had it right, the 60’s…..I find myself moving more and more back in that direction, am totally up for bohemian style now :))) why not at this age?


  2. I often tell folks that my dream retirement is that when I wake up in the morning the only decision I need to make is what color flip flops to wear to the beach. Seriously though last Fall we found an amazing cottage that is so serene that I am contemplating going and spending a week there after everything is over.


  3. I would love to go back to my hippie days and get my girlish figure back! On the other hand, they were the best of times and the worst of times…


  4. Laughing is such a stress relief and there are times I have sat on my sofa after hubby has spent hours in the world of dementia, and I started laughing and could”t stop.
    Yes frustrations and laughter walk hand in hand an don words of explanation are needed.


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