Dahlia, My Book is Here

Dahlia front coverDahlia back coverI am so proud and happy to announce that my book is now available for sale. It is now on Create Space and will be out within a week on Amazon.

I stand here proud as I have completed the one task that I have wanted to do for soΒ  many years. I wanted to leave my children a legacy. A slice of who I am and what I represent in life; and now I have finished it.

I want to thank Diane Stephenson for the many hours and time she spent helping me with my project. In the Acknowledgements I thanked each of you, my blogging friends.

I just had to let you be the first to know about this exciting news in my life. Now on with my other two books I am writing on. Thank-you for all of your support.

57 thoughts on “Dahlia, My Book is Here

  1. Well done Terry this is quite an achievement in itself, but taking on board all your trials and stresses it is a simply fantastic triumph for you. I take of my hat to you, throw it on the ground and do my little dance! Fsntastico!πŸ‘


  2. Congratulations and a huge ‘three cheers’! Anybody have a horn to blow as well? πŸ™‚ Let the sales roll in!
    I’m so happy the cover was satisfactory. I have learned a lot through this process that will make it that much easier when I put my own books on CreateSpace. Thank you for the opportunity!


    • When you go back in and see if there is anything I have to do you will see that I have added you as editor. I ordered a book for you also. Words will never be enough of how I feel having it here in my hands. Now I need to learn how to do it myself for my next book


      • I’m looking forward to getting the book. I’ll let you know when it comes. I’ll have to learn the ins and outs of page numbering in Word so I can show you how to do the formatting. Then it will be easy from there to upload to CreateSpace. You can do it!


  3. Wonderful! Congratulations, Terry! Not many of us can say we’ve seen our most nurtured dream come to fruition, and I’m really happy you got the pleasure of it all happening when you needed the lift most. Truly fantastic stuff πŸ˜€

    *I tried commenting last night, but was having web trouble :|*


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