Prayer Request, Let’s All Pray the Same Prayer

I don’t have much time to be on here today as I have no help. I do want to ask for prayer. All prayers to be the same. To release Al of his strong will. To take a way his fear. The nurse had to come today because Al is almost unbearable.

He is terribly grouchy. He knows without a doubt he is dying and his mind won’t settle. He is bossy and stuttering so bad that me or the nurse can not understand him. He even call me a bitch, which was a rare word I don’t hear from his mouth. He has cried hard, and fought hard.  We don’t believe he is in terrible pain but refusing to let go. He always has been a strong-willed brother and he is definitely showing it right now.

Hospice says his oxygen is as low as yesterday and he is actively dying, so please pray for my special request. Let us all join hands and hearts for who ever reads my post today. Thank-you and bless you. Terry, Al’s sister.




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56 thoughts on “Prayer Request, Let’s All Pray the Same Prayer

  1. From what little I know about death and dying, I think this is fairly normal. God placed within us all a will to live, and Al isn’t quite ready to let go of that yet. You know I’ve been praying, and I will continue to do so.


  2. Terry, I will continue praying for Al’s return home and peace and healing for both of you. Some people are fighters during death, my uncle was that way. Even though we all told him it was ok to go, he still held on for a while. Just continue to do what you have been doing, be there to love and comfort him no matter what he may say. I know this is hard, but he is also unaware of a lot of his actions, like being in a fog. I pray that God takes him home in the next few days. Let me know if we can help. God Bless, Jeff & Jeanne


  3. Heavenly Father, we come to you in agreement as your word says …where two or more are gathered…” Lord we ask that you give Al peace and understanding Lord, that these last days or hours are calm and without fear. Lord let Al know that you are with him, offer him your comforting arms Lord so that his fear will disappear. Lord put words of love and encouragement in Terry’s mouth so that Al might know it is his time to let go and that all must transisition into a new world where there is no pain, nor disease, nor fear where all loved ones gone before are waiting with comfort and love for him. Lord we ask these things in your son Jesus name…Amen


  4. Terry, I am praying God will release Al from his strong will and relax comfortably in the arms of the angels. I pray he will go today to be with our Father in Heaven. Tell him God is safe and it will be glorious. Tell him there will be no more sorrow and no more pain. He will be with his loved ones who have gone before him. They are waiting. Al’s work is done here on earth. Kiss him good bye and tell him you love him and will be ok. You are prepared, it is time. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. xo


  5. Terry,
    I am praying now. Tears have come to my eyes because of the pain you both suffer. I particularly was drawn to your sign off on this post… “Terry, Al’s sister.”
    That is beautiful that you identify as such in this moment.
    Bless their hearts, oh God.
    Much love,


  6. Praying with you and for you. Is there any type of chaplaincy service that can come and be with you and Al? Praying that Al is not in pain, too. My step dad was so angry in his final days because he was so scared. I was so hurt at what he said to me until I heard him crying out to God in despair. I am praying Al would see Jesus and know His love and peace and that those two things would dissipate his fear. These are agonizing hours for you! Praying for your peace, too, and that you will know you did everything humanly possible to love and care for your brother. We stand in awe, Terry, of your commitment to Al and courage to chronicle your journey!


    • Al said he saw Jesus once a few months back. I felt like Al was so honored. I had not been able to detect the words Al was saying but tonight I could. He was saying, take me home, i want to go home. He has been praying to God and now I know. I took his hand and we prayed for a big part of the evening. i know God is listening and he has a room ready for Al. Thank you for what you have done for Al and me. May God bless you for being so kind


      • No my friend we just keep paying it forward.
        Hugs and your experiences have also helped remember what really matters in my walk with my husband and his medical problem and frontal lobe dementia.
        It is not tomorrow or yesterday, but right this moment.


  7. Terry . . . My hands and my heart are joined together in prayer as you requested of all of us. If there is power in prayer, and I believe there is, then it is my hope and prayer that Al allow himself to fear no more and take the hand of God in Heaven. Once Al is safely and peacefully in heaven he will no longer be afraid and he will see the beauty, and solace. I pray for you both Terry and Al for a peaceful end to this horrible disease for Al and for you, too, Terry, as you have been and continue to be the most wonderful loving sister anyone could ever ask for. Peace be with you, Lynne


  8. Hi Terry,
    i will continue to pray that Al releases you. I truly believe it is a matter of Al letting go and wishing you well as he gives you his blessing before he leaves.

    Hang in there. We are all standing with you.


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