Al, Update

Today when Al woke up he was irritable once again. I gave him his medications and let him watch Dr. Charles Stanley.Spinning_eyeball_transparent


After the program was over a volunteer arrived and together we bathed Al. He whimpered because it hurts so bad when he has to be moved. I noticed an open area on his ear and he had some catheter issues.

I called Hospice and his favorite nurse came out and spent not only time fixing the problems but some quality time with him going back over memories. Al has known this nurse since she was in her teens.

She used to fill a pop machine and when Al was there he would watch her and then follow her through the store. I think Al always thought she was a pretty girl. Finally the owner would have to tell Al to stop and he would leave waving bye and with a big smile. Al and I have been going to this same place ever since we have been kids.pop machine The owner always understood Al’s mentality and I will forever remember how kind everyone in the store was to him.

Even as of months back I would take Al in his wheelchair to go in and visit and eat in their lunch counter. No one went without saying hello to Al and asking how he was.

So the time between the two was special today. There was some two-sided conversation too. Al was able to say the name of the store. I don’t know about the nurse but I could hear Al sobbing from the living room.

Other visitors came today also and I have to say there were tears and hand holding and pizza shared. Conversations turned to God and before I knew it we were sharing our own Bible study right here in my living room.

Later the door opened and a surprise visitor came in. It was my friend. I had insisted she did not come up, but she usually doesn’t listen to me. I am not the happiest girl in the whole USA, and there are times that being alone is better than ruining others days.


Al has made it pretty clear through his gibberish talk that he wants to go to heaven pretty bad. Sometimes we could hear him ask how does he go to heaven?angels1 It was just then that a minister knocked on the door.

I let him in and he went straight to Al’s room and prayed for him. Al had quite a few visitors today.

There were many emotions running through the house. Al’s oxygen levels continue to drop. He didn’t get much sleep today.

I was just in there offering him supper. He did eat a small jar of baby food. I was not surprised as he had not eaten lunch.

He began to cry and jabber again but this time I couldn’t understand anything. I hope he was praying and I hope God is listening.

19 thoughts on “Al, Update

  1. I caught this just before bed – I’m going late tonight. I hope it has all helped today, and I hope – I truly hope – that the minister alleviated some of his fears.



  2. I’ve been offline for a while – busy with the fam & on my 4th day of migraines.
    Anyway- you are my first stop. I had to come & see how you & Al were doing. Know that despite my being away – I have been holding you both in my thoughts & prayers.
    Hang in there & keep hanging in there. Wish there was more I could say or do.
    Happy to hear that your friend doesn’t listen to you & showed up. 😉
    And – grateful that both you & Al had several other visitors too – including his favorite nurse & the minister.
    {Hugs} to you
    {Hugs} to Al


  3. What a wonderful day for both you and Al. Sounds like you are gaining more and more support. Now that all came to see him and visit maybe he will find peace and let go, I hope so for both of you and what a blessing both for all the company but your friend too. The minsiter was a blessing for sure. Take care of yourself and get some rest… you deserve it. Love and prayers for both of you.


  4. I do wished God listens to him. Glad your friend came who always is a great help and suppport for you! Let her help you … and also you can cry together. special Hugs xxx


  5. Lifting you both up in prayer, Terry. God is absolutely listening, he hears the cries of the brokenhearted, and he restores all things in His time. Peace be with you both during this very difficult time…


  6. I also believe God is absolutely listening to Al and to your prayers. I continue praying for both of you in this difficult time.


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