Is That Snow?

It’s getting hard enough to have all my hours available filled here at home to help with Al; but when the snow decides to interrupt and make things worse I just want to say grrrrr.

We had a winter storm warning in effect as of two in the morning. We were to get five to nine inches of new snow. I had just been able to see the rocks surrounding the fire pit outside and poof, it is gone.

Now beautiful, white, heavy snow lay all around. I have to admit I was lucky to not have to go out in it today. I will say seeing it on the tree branches was a sight to be admired. It did keep my caregiver from being able to come in today.

She lost power at her house. We lost power at our house.  Thankfully with Al’s illness, the use of oxygen and an air mattress placed us on the do first   to get power back on. Al just didn’t understand why his TV would not come on.

I played his favorite movie The Christmas Story. He wasn’t too happy that I was playing it at a time that was not bed time. This is where Al’s mental challenge comes in play. He is very routine and doesn’t understand changes.

Luckily we had power within the hour. The nurse from Hospice did come. There obviously is some internal damage from having to pull his old catheter out. She inserted some medication and as soon as she left he told me, ” I have a stinger in my tool.”

Now friends, I get it. Al is mentally challenged, but he is my brother. Every time he talks about his manhood and calls it his tool, I get so embarrassed and I can feel my cheeks blush. I guess I just have to get through this part and see that he was able to tell me where his pain was. I just pray that this injury does heal and when he needs a catheter change, we don’t have a replay from two days ago.

With the medications to make Al comfortable it wasn’t long before he was asleep. Hopefully, the stinging went a way. There is always an emotional battle giving Al his medications. It puts him to sleep and he doesn’t feel pain, but I am the culprit placing the medications. I guess we caregivers do what we have to do in order to bring patients to a comfort level. Nurse’s orders as they say, follow them.

It has been a quiet day per say. When no one is here I am forced to sit or get off my fanny and do something. I got up and cleaned. The house smells good. Everything is put a way. It is seven-thirty and it is still day light out thanks to the day light savings time. There is still some wind blowing. I am sure there is some drifting snow on the county roads.

I am just sick of this winter. I want to fly south like a bird and sit up at the top of a tree branch and sing to my heart’s content. I want to feel the warm breeze. I want some sun on my face. I want freedom from the house. Is this asking too much? I don’t think so. I think there are many of us here in the midwest that are as anxious for warmer weather as me. Tonight we are going to have a low of four below zero. More water dripping from the faucets. I heard from the weatherman that there could be some snow Saturday. It better be light snow, this is all I can say. Here are a few photos I was able to get today without being able to get outdoors.

snowsnow 3snow 2

20 thoughts on “Is That Snow?

  1. I mailed a card to you today. Please know that I sent it BEFORE reading this post. It will definitely tie in when you see the enclosure. Wishing/praying you warm sunshine and flowers. Wish I could send you some of the 60 degrees and sun we had today. Take care and hang in there.


    • Oh I love mail that is not a bill!!! I am looking forward to receiving it Linda. I will take some of your weather. What part of the states do you reside in?


  2. High winds, rain, possibility of some snow tomorrow. Thankful I don’t have to leave my cozy house. I’m doind a webinar for CEU’s tomorrow on Trauma, Attachment and Neuroscience. Should be interesting.


    • I am thankful I didn’t have to leave the house. Well I couldn’t anyways, no caregiver today, but the winds here, wow, they were something else. Thankfully God has helped the temps to climb starting in two days so this snow shall melt


  3. So beautiful and I know it is cold and a pain in the backside but so pretty.
    I am sending you sunshine and blessings.


    • It started snowing before Thanksgiving. March the official Spring month can be here but it can snow in my area up into the first week of May and not get very warm until then either


  4. I was starting to thaw out & then we got hit with more cold weather. We didn’t get as much snow this time around as you did. But – still…
    I’m tired of being an ice-cube!


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