Daily Prompt; Something So Strong

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Tell us the origin story of your best friend. How did you become friends? What is it that keeps your friendship rockin’ after all these years?

I met my best friend almost forty years ago. She needed a baby sitter. I am not sure how she found me. Possibly I had run an ad in the newspaper. She worked at I believe an insurance company.

She had two adorable kids. Both with brown hair and big eyes along with cute smiles that melted your heart. It has been so long ago that I don’t know how it happened but my mother had an opening at the office where she worked.

My mother worked for a very large gas company and with the little that I knew about my friend I was sure this would be a nice improvement to her life. She did apply and landed the job.

In fact, last year my friend retired from the company. I don’t remember how long I baby sat her kids but I do know that slowly we became more than associates. Our friendship blossomed and soon we were spending time outside of the normal eight to five.

She lived in a big, old farm-house out in the country. I used to go over to her house on the weekends and we would chat and stay up late painting ceramics. The story that still gives us plenty of laughs today is the one night I almost died of fear.

Her porch light was out on the back and it was so black I couldn’t even see where I was walking when I left her house. I think it was near midnight. I stepped cautiously to my car and just as I placed my hand on the door handle I heard a very loud sound.

The sound of galloping. It spooked me and before I could move I felt a hot gush of air on my face and heard a loud snort. Nothing could keep me in my frozen condition. My feet ran as fast as they could back to that porch door.

I frantically tried to open the door but it wouldn’t open. I beat on the door screaming to let me in. My friend opened the door and explained that the door wasn’t locked. My fear had so engulfed me I was probably rattling the door more than turning it.

She said my eyes were completely bugged out and that my face was pure white from fear. She laughed at me and I probably didn’t like that at first but in the end we both laughed. The next morning she learned that the neighbor’s horse had broke loose and that was what had galloped past me.

From that day forward our friendship bonded and has never broken. She lives about an hour and a half from me now but when we get together, many times the horse story arises and we still get a good giggle out of it.


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