The most amazing thing happened. To some it may seem nothing or very small but to me it was big.

Al never gave up the moaning. Well, wait, he did sleep for about half an hour this evening. It was medicine time for him. I tried talking to him. I listened to his speeding heart. He got all his medications. I checked his catheter and irrigated it. I placed him on his side. I even lotioned his feet and massaged them.

The entire time he is rambling on. I couldn’t understand a thing he said, but said yes to much I heard. When I could do no more I asked him, ” Do you want me to say a prayer for you?”

He said very plainly, yes. I took one of his hands in mine. With my other hand I rubbed his forehead. I started praying. Here is where the amazing thing happened.

Before I got the first sentence out of my mouth, Al closed his eyes. I kept praying. His eyes never opened and he went to sleep. He is sound asleep. It is amazing, absolutely amazing. God helped him get some much-needed rest through the touch of my hands and the words out of my mouth.

Thank-you God, for how ever long it last tonight, thank-you.

Wait, I think I hear him. Yes, it is him. Well, he got one hour of peaceful sleep. Well off to his room again to say another prayer.


29 thoughts on “Amazing!

  1. And God is doing this for you also.
    I remember what I was told when I didm”t know how much longer I could go on when hubby was in hospice and not expected to live.
    I asked the nurse who was with us if God heard me and I felt so guilty because I was so tired and I even wondered if God existed anymore.
    She smiled and told me that the reason I no longer see the foot prints in the sand is because he is no longer walking beside me but he is carrying me.
    I sat handheld my hubbys hand and prayed for Gods will and the ability for me to go into the other room and sleep.
    I slept and it was a restful sleep.
    I woke up to my husband laughter.
    He was awake and laughing.
    God gave me a miracle and I am telling you that he is carrying you and giving you His strength to walk through this.
    Hubby and I send prayers.
    I told him about Al and he is praying for both of you.
    I am praying for both of you.
    God is with you and he is surrounding you with His angels.


  2. Terry,

    Something out there always pulls me back to your blog. Every time I visit, I am overwhelmed by the sheer steadfastness and love that seeps out of every line you write about Al. Both he and you are clearly blessed in the true sense of the word.



  3. Terry, the touch of your hand on his head was surely very comforting to him. I’m not discounting the power of prayer by any means; just saying that personal, loving touch is very comforting.


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