A Strange Day With Al



It has been a day. A day of Al going from not being able to move to Al being able to sit up a third of the way. He called the bath people some really nasty names this morning. He wants to get up and leave. He asked for cheeseburgers. He asked for chicken. He asked for his keys. He wanted to get up and get dressed.

He has not slept all day. Part of the time his eyes were bright and big. Other times he was staring off into space. Sometimes I think he was talking to me and other times I am sure I was not in his conversations.

He was able to use one of his arms for about a half an hour. He was able to not only lift  his head but actually move it to the side. This is something I have not seen for months. This entire scene actually shocked and kind of spooked me a little.

After about a half an hour he stopped and went back to being the Al I recognize these days. But the words, take me home God, I am ready to go home have been chanted non-stop from afternoon and even now as I write.

He told me Jesus is in his room. He said that Jesus was a short man with brown hair. He said that Jesus has carpenter clothes on. He said Jesus was standing right beside me.

I don’t know what is going on. I don’t know what to think. How was Al able to lift off of his bed and move his head?  I am just dumb founded and almost speechless.



36 thoughts on “A Strange Day With Al

  1. It’s gotta be a God thing. The Lord is making Himself known thru you as a witness to these miraculous events. Al will be home soon, but keep writing about these events. So amazing how God works in our lives. and praises to the short-brown haired carpenter standing beside you!


    • I wasn’t going to ask Al what Jesus looked like, but I thought I may never know, so I asked. Maybe he is going home soon. thanks Nena for a wonderful comment


    • me too Mona. What he was doing today was short of a miracle in my eyes and yet I felt very strange watching him being able to move, and now he can no longer move


  2. yes, this sounds like the guy i was telling you about. it seems like a lot of times that right before someone dies they seem much better- then, the next day, they’re gone. praying for you both.


  3. it is called a rally and many folks do this before they pass.
    My brother work up and knew me and my husband, his two dogs and his cat before he died.
    He did not linger like Al though.
    Praying for ease of passage and peace for Al, and strength and comfort for you.


  4. God moves in mysterious ways and you and Al are definitely proof of that. Keep documenting and posting this as you are blessing us by sharing it. My heart and prayers are with you both. ((HUGS))


  5. Death is a complicated and confusing process. Sounds like he’s having a rally, which I remember both my parents experiencing before they died. Hang on, Terry. I know the minutes can seem like hours—and vice versa! Praying him home. It won’t be long.


  6. Through all that you & Al are going through – it’s good to see you both hold on to faith so tightly. God is definitely with you both.
    {Hugs} to you
    {Hugs} to Al


  7. Terry I am glad you got to see the Old Al if even just briefly. As you know my wife is a nurse and works with elderly patients. She told me that most people have a short period of “clarity” before they pass. Not sure if that is what this was, but either way his seeing of Jesus and sharing is awesome testimony. God Bless.


  8. I’m really at a loss for words except to say… I can feel somehow some of what you are feeling..by your words but somehow more than that…. May the Lord just keep you and Al in perfect peace… Diane


  9. Oh Terry, this just means it won’t be long now and Al will get to go home. My mother ‘rallied’ her last day she knew all of us which she hadn’t done for years she passed during the night I sure hope this is what is happening to Al. hugs


  10. Sometimes I think that God wants us to remember our family as they were before they got sick even if, only, for a brief moment. I think that’s what He does when they rally. God Bless you and Al.


  11. As others have said, it does sound like Al was in the rallying stage. It is difficult to watch and understand. Some people find comfort in it, while others find it a bit eerie. It is yet another unexpected twist in the caregiving journey.


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