Daily Prompt; Three Coins in a Fountain

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Have you ever tossed a coin or two into a fountain and made a wish? Did it come true?

I look back at the times when I have done this. Even today, I enjoy watching little kids toss coins in the fountains.coins

I am sure I was the same way as far as my thoughts as kids are today. We wish for that new toy we saw on TV.

We wish that Grandma will let us spend the  night. Or maybe we wish for that new puppy or kitty.

Then we grow up a little. We begin to toss the coins in the fountain for bigger and better wishes. We may wish for that prince to come riding up on the white horse and whisk us off to a happy ever after life.knight

Or maybe we are living disappointment and we wish for things to be better in our lives.

Then we come to the age that I am now. A so-called senior citizen. I am sure many of you can not relate to this age group, but hey, your time is coming. What will you wish for when you reach that point?

For me, I wish for health, good health that will allow me to still remain able to care for myself without becoming a burden to my children. I wish for an outer peace as much as I wish for inner peace.soul 2 I wish that my children think enough of me today as much as they did when they were tots.

If I was standing in front of that gorgeous fountain right now, I would pull a few golden coins out of my pockets.

I would go back to my childhood when life was easy and carefree. Laughter came easily and I would toss each coin once again, wishing to one more time ride the scrambler at the fair. I would wish for one day to look like Twiggy. I would wish for 24 hours with no sadness, and no cares. My last coin would be tossed and I would wish for the happily ever after ending as promised when I was a child. Just one more time.fairyland

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Three Coins in a Fountain

  1. Oh yes, many times as a child.
    As a adult I wish for my husband, family and all that I love, to live ti be older than Moses and to remain in good health til the day we close our eyes and go to the other side.


  2. Went to press “Like” and pressed “Unfollow” instead. So that’s you just got a message to say that I have just followed your blog. Sorry


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