Stressed, That’s What I Am

Yesterday Al slept most of the day. It was pretty busy though. People drifting in and out. Me trying to run to the grocery store. A smell of fresh air and the oldies tunes beating on my radio.

Today, it is entirely different. Al is talking about people I don’t know. He doesn’t know the caregiver’s name. My friend came here late afternoon yesterday and he didn’t know who she was either.

Today, he is awake and confused. He is laying in his bed saying, ” Please, please, please”. He is talking about someone named Tiffany. I am not familiar with this person. He has asked for the basketball game to be on. I put it on. He wants it changed. He wants the lights and TV off.

I can barely deal with this today and I am looking so forward to Monday morning. I used to feel sadness or guilt when I thought of him leaving, but today, I have to admit him and I having a break from each other for a few days could do him, and me possibly wonders. I think I will run a way, just like this horse, gallop into the winds!!



27 thoughts on “Stressed, That’s What I Am

  1. I understand completely Terry. You need a break. This is wearing you down, and what good are you if you are too exhausted to do anything? Look forward to the break.


  2. Come Monday – you will have a nice break. I know you will still be thinking about & worrying about Al. But – you need to recharge & refresh – for your own health & well-being.
    {Hugs} to you
    {Hugs} to Al


  3. I have finally broken down and scheduled a one week visit for Bob at the VA Respite Program. He is soooo going to pitch a fit, but I have to. And I am going to take some days off of work also. The Neuro and the PCP both brought it up at his last appointment. On the way home he asked me if he could go with me when I went on Respite LOL! I told him that his going with me was not what Respite means. Hope you have a wonderful break you have earned it and need it!


  4. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m so glad you’re finally going to get a chance to breathe and let someone else bear the burden for a bit. You and Al both need this. 🙂


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