37 thoughts on “Alvin Miller Obituary – Redpath-Fruth Funeral Home

  1. Dear Terry, hugs and prayers, and also thanks, that Al finally were allowed to let go. And for you, you made it all way through being the best support and friend Al could have! May he joyfully and healed pass through the gater of heaven, and may you find new strength and the best path forward, love, Solveig


  2. I just heard the news of Al’s passing. I am so very sorry, Terry. While it is such sad news for those left behind that will miss him terribly, he is finally whole and rests in the arms of his Savior. My prayers are with you, Terry–Thursday, you will be held up by many across the world praying for you…me included. I pray you feel that love as you go through the day and the days to follow. ~Much love, Skye


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  4. Oh Terry, I’m so sorry, you may feel relieved and he may be in a better place but I know its still hard to lose someone you love.

    I didn’t realize he was from Warsaw. I lived there and Kosciusko County for years and was a member of Warsaw Wesleyan. I wonder if I knew him.

    You are in my prayers Terry, have courage


  5. I’m so sorry to read this, Terry. We weren’t blogging for a while, so I was just reading some of your posts. Hope everything is allright with you. I know you’ll miss Al so much, My deepest sympathy, my friend.


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