A Huge Thank-You to Bloggers and Friends

I am guilty of taking too much time to express my feelings to all of you, but tonight I swallowed hard and took a deep breath.

And now I want to take just a moment to tell each of you how very precious you are. The cards and gifts poured in from all over the world on behalf of my brother’s passing.

To Joy who went all the way to Atlanta, Georgia to have a photo taken with the life-sized Coca Cola bear I thank-you. Seeing Al’s photos among the framed pictures you sent me touched me deep inside.

To Al who sent the Coca Cola flag and wrote me the precious poem for Al. The poem was read at Al’s funeral and the flag graced his casket.

Flowers that were sent, many, many cards were delivered to my mailbox daily. Even after I returned home from my daughter’s home there were still lots of cards awaiting to be opened.

For those who sent monetary gifts, thank-you. MSA T-shirts, MSA bears, no one ever has made me feel so special as all of you did. I want you to know that in March of this year I have been blogging for two years. I had never dreamed I would have acquired so many friends, but the best gift of all was you were no longer my friends. You turned into a part of my family. You allowed me to share my love for my brother with you on a daily basis. You never complained. You let me cry, smile, sometimes bitch and moan and you always stayed by my side.

So for all of this, I thank-you from the bottom of my heart. Al is up in heaven looking down on all of you and he knows without a doubt that friendship is real when I have you in my life.


31 thoughts on “A Huge Thank-You to Bloggers and Friends

  1. It is amazing how strangers (so to say) can touch the deepest parts of our hearts and help us through the most difficult times. I am so happy to know that you have found such comfort and peace from those that surround you. Bless you lots,


    • Hi Marilyn, I sure did miss you. It is taking me a while to get back into things. Reading post and such. So many memories and tears yet but doing more each day. Hugs my dear friend


    • Hello Mona. I missed you and am glad to be back. It is a slow comeback. Many times the blogs make me teary eyed as there is so much of Al in them. Hugs


    • Hi Brian, so nice to read your comment. I felt so distant from everyone, but am climbing back up. I miss Al so much and still get teary eyed, but I need to turn to my friends now to help this walk get easier. Hugs my friend


  2. Nothing will take away your pain and grief but it is through the love and care from others that you will be able to see God in your life and the blessings that Al will always be to you and bring you comfort and courage. {hugs}


      • And they will fall – let them. I remember a saying once that said it is through tears that bring healing. There will be times you will be doing great when out of the blue it literally hits you – a year later and I still find myself crying when I least expect it.


      • You are healing and I know I will follow your cue, but it sure does hurt right now, just like I imagine yours did. Brother, spouse, we loved them didn’t we my friend……..


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